A home is a place you will spend a third of your life in. It’s where you can feel comfortable and unwind after a long day at work, school, or other activities that drain us physically and emotionally. Even though the bedroom has traditionally been reserved for years as an area to sleep or rest after tiring days, it’s also increasingly becoming an area for other activities, such as reading, getting work done, and entertaining guests.

The bedroom has become more multi-functional over the past years, and it requires decor that makes it conducive to these different purposes. This is why today’s bedrooms need beautiful home decor ideas to make them comfortable, and one will be happy to go back to every day. Here are some smart decor ideas to help you visualize your dream bedroom.

Sleek and Minimalist Turkay Style Bedroom

Turquoise is making its way into the most popular decor trends today with its bright pop of color that livens up any space. This bedroom features a turquoise-painted wall under an overhead skylight, creating the illusion of having a sky full of stars in your room. White bed sheets and lines on the floor add to the serene atmosphere of the room.

To make it even more peaceful, you can add a statement piece and pile up some plush pillows in the corner of the room for an accent that breaks away from the monotony of all that white. If you prefer your bedroom to be more on the bolder side, then add a colorful rug and brighten everything up even more.

Uncluttered Bedroom with Open Shelving

If you’re not a fan of clutter and prefer your bedroom to be as minimal as possible, then this open shelving idea is for you. This kind of decor works incredibly well with those who already have built-in shelves in their room because it maximizes the space.

The shelves themselves don’t need to be fancy; they can be made from simple wooden planks. It’s the things you place on them that matter, however. Placing books and small decor pieces can make your shelves look like a work of art itself.

Try a Cosmopolitan Themed Bedroom For More Warmth

This bedroom starts with a cosmopolitan theme full of fun colors, textures, and patterns. What makes it different is that there are more elements to it than your plain Jane type of decor, getting boring fast.

The idea behind this kind of decor is to choose vibrant colors instead of the usual neutral tones for your sheets, comforter, and accessories. Additionally, this style works best with a king mattress. You can also add darker colors like deep reds or blacks when it comes to the comforter to make your cosmopolitan bedroom more sophisticated. Adding different textures is also a good idea, such as fur rugs on the floor, fluffy pillows for the bed, and velvet curtains to your window. Mixing and matching these textures makes your bedroom come to life.

A Chic Bedroom With Stripes

Stripes have been a classic design long before the trend of bohemian decor has even started, but stripes can also be trendy in their own right. In this chic bedroom, vertical stripes line the wall just under the ceiling and take on various shades of blue to make the decor cohesive.

The rest of the room features simple decor like a wooden side table with marble tile insets, a ceiling fan for ventilation, and exposed wood beams dotting the ceiling. The floor is kept simple with large tiles that resemble hardwood floors.

Phoebe Tonkin’s Bohemian Bedroom

This bedroom belongs to Phoebe Tonkin of the Australian TV series The Originals. It is a simple yet serene room with white walls dotted by small square windows that let in natural light. The floor is tiled with large tiles in an angular pattern to create texture.

The furniture is made mainly of wood with a side table on splayed legs and a bed frame that sits low to the ground. Plain white sheets cover the bed, while pillows are scattered about haphazardly like they were tossed there.

A chalkboard is placed on the wall with a simple quote that says ‘sleep well’ framed by colorful beads. There’s also a small stool in front of it which you can sit on to tie your shoelaces or put on your shoes.

Large Mirrors for Cheerful Bedrooms

Mirrors help brighten up your bedroom because they reflect light, making the room feel bigger. They also give you a view of yourself which isn’t always possible when you’re in your bedroom.

Depending on your preference, you can place mirrors in different places around your bedroom. One good spot is next to or across from your window, either standing or hung up, so you can take in the view of your surroundings while getting ready.

Mirrors are incredible decorations for small bedrooms because they’re versatile and go with any theme you choose. Plus, large mirrors placed at specific spots give you more room to put other things like decoration pieces or storage furniture.

Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains in a Bedroom

Curtains and windows in your bedroom can add that touch of elegance that makes it look like you’re staying in a hotel. They also provide privacy when needed, especially at night when the city lights outside your window become too bright for sleeping.

Bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling curtains can look stylish if done right. You can either go for simple white curtains that are elegant yet understated or choose a color that matches the rest of your decor.

As long as you have enough length in your curtains to cover the entire window area, it doesn’t matter what design they have on them either. Whether it’s vertical stripes, polka dots, or plaid, your floor-to-ceiling curtains can still look chic.

To say the least, the best thing you can do about your bedroom is to make it comfortable and cozy. You can add details like different textures, but you don’t have to overdo it with too much decor. However, the two main things you should aim for are lighting and windows. Your lighting should be soft and subtle, such as lamps with warm light. And your windows should allow in natural lighting to brighten up the room. You can also keep oval bedroom rugs simple and chic with modern, minimalist designs in muted colors like gray-colored rugs or black.