How many times have you heard ‘Smoking is injurious to health’? From movies to posters to non-smoking campaigns, we see this warning everywhere! You might not be surprised to know that there are still millions of people who are chain smokers! The sad part is that despite knowing the harms smoking can do, they continue to smoke!

We are sure that just knowing the harmful effects won’t help you quit smoking. It will only happen when you’re made to experience the bad effects yourself. So, here we bring you some pictures of twin siblings who should look exactly alike, right? But sadly they don’t. Reason being one of them is a smoker. When you’ll see what smoking has done to them, you’ll want to quit this awful habit.Have a look:


You may feel cool while smoking, but, is it really that cool?

It might look cool, but the impact it leaves is not cool at all!


1. See what smoking has done to the left one.

The left one has been smoking for past 17 years!


2. The one on the right has been smoking for 14 years!

The difference is noticeable.


3. Need I say more?

I need not say which one is the smoker. This is what 16 years of smoking can do to your face!


4. Look at the one on the left! This difference is horrifying!

The one on the left has been smoking for 14 years!


You still are not convinced to quit smoking? Then go ahead and look further!

If you still didn’t understand the gravity of the situation, have a look at more pictures below.


5. It can be seen in her eyes!

It’s the one one the right here. Her eyes say it all.


6. You see the wrinkles on the right one’s face? Those could be on yours.

The one on the right it is.


7. The difference is so evident here!

You guessed it right. It’s the right one.


8. Look at the one on the left with those wrinkles!

This is what smoking can do to your face. Imagine what it can do to your life!


So better now than never! Kill smoking before it kills you!


Share it with your smoker friends and help them quit this habit!