Marrying and spending your life with your loved one on your side is the best feeling in the world. Some couple is expressive enough while some others face difficulties while expressing their love for their partners. But, the primary gestures which are exchanged are same for all couples.

A talented artist Yehuda Adi Denver came up with a beautiful series of illustrations where he has portrayed his daily life activities creating moments with his wife. Every husband and wife can relate with these illustrations.

Concerning creating these illustrations, this artist shared: “It all started when we moved to a new apartment and wanted the help of our Facebook friends in sharing our post. We did not think that other people identified with our intimate moments like sharing a shower.”


Let’s now have a look at this beautiful illustration:


1. The accurate picture behind every selfie!!

This artist was thoughtful enough to create these illustrations and said “Once your best friend is your wife all that’s left is just to laugh at your moments together. We are just an ordinary couple with self-humor.”

Suddenly we find ourselves talking to people from all over the world and laughing with them about our moments.”

He also shared that if you love your wife, you too can create beautiful illustrations like these.


2. When she has trouble sleeping.


3. When you prepare breakfast for her

He feels that her wife’s character is more popular among people.


4. You are the one who has to help her instead!


5. Is it that cold???

Yehuda Adi Devir calls his wife as his ‘Wonder Woman.’


6. You have to remember anything and everything


7. She’s your motivating workout buddy


8. You’ve no idea what she’s up to


9. Her 5 minutes are equivalent to 5 hours!


10. And then here comes the cute moment


11. Competition, competition


12. Celebrations are ten folds better with your life partner!

“Our dream is to get to new countries and share with people the experiences we have there.”


13. When your hotness beats hot shower!


14. Beginning to the end!