9 Ways By Which You Can Repair Your Damaged Hair


Repair your damaged hair-Hydrogen peroxide, bleach manages to increase the stains on hair and also helps to decompose the melanin. Its first consequence is swelling. Swelling is the reason that your damaged hair looks voluminous. Your hair looks colorless because of the lack of melanin.

Here we have found the most effective ways to repair your damaged hair. You can improve your hair professionally or at home by yourself.

Get a keratin treatment.

9 Ways to repair your damaged hair

The treatment is keratin treatment to repair your damaged bleached hair. In this treatment, keratin gets added back to your hair. In this treatment, hairdressers firstly apply serum to your hair, and they iron your hair locks.

Before bleaching, apply protective formulas.

After a certain period, you can bleach your damaged hair. At this time, you have to ask your hairdresser for applying a protective product to lighten your hair. You can use a protective product during bleaching. Firstly you have to mix the protective solution into the bleaching product and apply this solution to your hair after rising and conditioning them.

For a great professional shampoo, ask your hairdresser.

It is the same procedure as above one. We can apply it only in the one stage of bleaching. You have to use this professional shampoo in the middle of your head after the bleaching process. You can apply it continuously for a few days at home.

You can massage the scalp with some butter.

We have products in our home which can repair your damaged hair. Butter is the primary product of these products. You can apply a small amount of butter on your scalp and massage your scalp for a few minutes. After rubbing, cover your head with a shower cap for half an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo. Your hair will shine instantly.

Get ready with the mixture of shampoo and an egg.

Egg whites are perfect for repairing your hair. The egg yolk is rich in protein. Your hair lacks this protein if your hair gets damaged with bleach. The lecithin present in the eggs can moisturize your hair deeply. You have to mix an egg with shampoo and wash your hair with this mixture. You will see a significant difference in your hair after using this remedy for two weeks.

We can use banana in various ways rather than only eating it.

Banana is perfect for damaged hair like avocados. The fruit, banana is rich in vitamins, fiber, and proteins. Your hair needs all these elements. You have to mix a ripe banana with honey, yogurt, and castor oil. You should not apply this mask on your hair roots. Keep the cover on your hair for 30 minutes. Afterward, you can wash your hair with shampoo.

Go with a natural ingredient, coconut oil.

Hair salon treatments are too costly so you can try homemade treatments. You have to mix some coconut oil with some olive oil or almond oil. The loss of proteins can get reduced with the use of coconut oil. It is the main reason why your hair looks dry and dull. The lauric acid present in coconut oil enriches the hair with minerals and vitamins. The oil also prevents the damage which comes from brushing your hair.

Get rid of your old habits.

The reason for your damaged hair is not only the bleaching. You should avoid bad habits like straightening, hair drying, and washing your hair daily. You should use lukewarm water while washing your hair. And also trim your hair at least twice in a year. Avoid over-brushing your hair. The over-brushing can weaken the follicles and also stops the growth of your hair.


Before reaching the repairing point of your hair, you should notice the signs which indicate that there is some problem with your hair. These signs are:

  • If your hair dries up in a long time after washing
  • After brushing your hair, there are a lot of hair left on your hairbrush
  • All the time, your hair gets tangled.
  • Your hair oils and masks do nothing for the dryness

Your hair needs repair of you to notice all these signs in your hair.