The Best Times You Can Drink Water In A Day


Best times to drink water-Well, according to science it is well believed that our body is made up of 70% water. And hence we feel we do not need to drink much more water in that case. But it is not true that we think. We should know that water is an essential component of the human body as it ensures the functioning of other organs of the body. It is imperative to keep yourself hydrated all the time to make sure that our body functions do not get affected by them. And the worst matter is that our body gets dehydrated very often and very quickly. We never realize that when it will occur.

Well, I think everyone must have experienced to wake up in the middle of the sleeping night with a dry throat. You must have to sacrifice your sleep for drinking water. But then have you thought of the cracked lips and the cramped muscles of your mouth. They indicate that your body is dehydrating in that case. Sometimes while eating food, we feel dehydrated a lot. And hence it is imperative to remain extra cautious regarding your body for sipping in water all the time.

Well, it is easy to say something rather than doing it. Especially when it is our traveling time, then it is some another story at that time. Well, it is for Indian women who drink a lot of water but then during traveling, they have to suffer a lot in reality. Well, we must keep our body always hydrated with being healthy is equally important.

What are the best times to drink water?

What are the best times to drink water?

So can you do this? Is there some method or another formula which can help us stay hydrated always and give enough water to our body? Along with this, we drink water at the ideal time. That means the case would be beneficial for us. But then we must know that making a new habit is not much comfortable. But once if you stick to it then your life becomes easy.

Drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning will be the best times to drink water

Yes in the early morning when you wake up, you must drink water at least one glass even before brushing your teeth. It might seem strange to many people, but then you must do according to the requirement of the body. For the last eight hours, you must be sleeping consistently, and hence you would not have taken any liquid inside. Doing this activity may do a lot of wonders for you and helps in rehydrating your body after such a long break. If the process is complicated for you to remember, then I think you may put an alarm. It would help you to remember it.

Between meals

It is one of the best times to drink water in between the meals, and hence it is advisable to not to mix the thrust for the hunger and drink water whenever you need. Instead of eating unhealthy things, you can go for drinking water. Also, as soon as you reach your daily destination, you must drink water at that time. After breakfast, the time in which you reach office gives you a good break to drink water. Dehydration occurs while traveling. But if you forget to do so, then you can post a notice on your desk to drink water.

Before and during lunch

You should not worry about the things that the water is messing up with your food because it is a myth. Water helps in the digestion of the food. It will prevent you from overeating and also keeps your body hydrated always. Hence it is beneficial to you.

After Lunch

Before buying a cup of tea or coffee, you must drink water first. It is because our brain messes up water with hunger. Drinking enough water will ensure you that if in actual your body needed water or not. You should mix thirst with hunger.

During dinner

We have said that drink water in between meals and the same is for dinner time. Many of us drink cola instead of water, but we should make sure that it is water that benefits your body.