What your feet reveal about your personality


Foot Shape-There are such types of people who believe the body, a sample of presenting the reflection of their personality. We can say that this is right but the method of believing is not correct as of the saying. Why? Just because of psychology. The physique is directly related to the behavior of an individual and behavior is the other name of psychology.

So what we can actually say is that the behavior of our body shows the glimpse of personality including physique too because it is also an indirect part of psychology better we can say that it is a part of physiological psychology, a branch of psychology. Here, we will show you the various types of feet structure which show the class of our personality.

Foot Shape

This type of foot shows a person’s ability to accept reality. Basically, people with square feet are very practical and they have good decision-making ability as well.

  • The Greek Foot Shape

This type of foot shows strong leadership quality in the person. The persons having such kind of feet are supposed as motivated personalities.

  • The Roman Foot Shape

If a person has this kind of foot structure, he is supposed as a social and interactive personality. These persons are a courageous and very good listener.

  • The Stretched Foot

The persons having these types of feet are supposed as introvert personalities. They like to enjoy their own private space.

  •  A very small little toe

If a person having such feet whose little toe is very small, its personality is defined as the rebellion one. He cannot easily accept the things happening around him.

  • The tilted third toe

These types of feet explain the well-arranged nature of the person. They can easily handle a quite tough task and they are easy to understand.