What Does Your Birth Month Reveal About You?


All of us have a unique identity that makes each of us unique in one or the other way. Did you know that there is a special connection between your personality and the month you were born in? People have been studying the relationship between the birth-month and people’s personalities since ages.  So, it is possible that people born in the same month can share some common features.

Ladies, we present to you some observations that have been carried out for ages. Find out what the birth month reveals about people.

1. January

If you were born in January, you have a serious and ambitious attitude about your life. You do not open up to everyone, but, only to those whom you trust to be intelligent enough.

2. February

Women born in February have very unpredictable nature. Their mood swings can sometimes be intolerable. However, they are very romantic and amiable. Betray them once, and you will be dead to them.

3. March

A woman born in March is too much loyal, and this is why finding a perfection relationship is difficult for them. They may be sensitive, but they are beautiful beings in general.

4. April

A woman born in April tend to be great listeners. However, they can be very jealous. If you win the trust of an April woman, you will know the depth of her personality.

5. May

Gorgeous and charming, women born in May are beautiful. But, they can sometimes be very intolerable. Men who choose an April woman need to be patient.

6. June

Women born in June are very open and extroverts. They may even not give a though over what they say. But, this does not affect their overpowering nature over men.

7. July

July women are very mysterious and honest. The downside is that they expect everyone to be as honest, which rarely happens.

Women born in July are honest but mysterious as well. The downside to their personality is that they expect everyone to be as honest.

8 August

August women are kind but very ego-centric. They stay away from negativity and harbour a happy a humorous aura. They capture the attention of men.

9. September

Ladies born in September are beautiful not only from outside but from the inside as well. They have high expectation, and this is why they yearn for a for-ever-and-ever kind of relationship. Never hurt a September woman, or she will leave no stone unturned to take revenge.

10. October

Women born in October are very wise. They are well educated, and their level of knowledge is quite enviable. They, however, conceal their emotions for fear of being betrayed.

11. November

The November ladies know how the people around them very well. You know who is loyal and who is being dishonest with you.

12. December

Women born in December can be somewhat impatient. Being open-hearted may cause people to play with their emotions, but their positive thinking helps them cope with the challenges of life.