Check Out What Your Hand Holding Ways Says About Your Relationships


What hand holding says about your relationship? When we fall in love with someone you feel that holding his hands and walking your way is the best part and the memorable time spent with him. It feels great to walk with him holding his hands and exploring the new sites.

But those ways you keep him and small postures that you carry are the best. You live the life to the fullest with some precious moments spent with him. It reflects the relationship status between you and him. Hands are not only to do some work but also they give some signs to communicate with your partner. They are like a medium to convey your messages to him.

You can communicate without speaking and interact with new people. The ways of holding and sending messages are different for the partner than someone else.

The relationship with your partner is best known for the physical touches and the contacts you have with them. It can show the kind of familiarity, dominance, formality, and the submissiveness towards your partner. You never have an idea what the connection between you convey your feelings, but with those gestures, you can get into the deep relationship with each other. Let us check what the different ways of holding hands reveal about your personality.

What hand holding says about your relationship

Holding Hands With Your Palms Facing In the Downward Direction.

what hand holding says about your relationship

The people who are holding their hands in this gesture are having a lot of love for each other. Their love of affection not for their passion. They have an outstanding personality and are attractive. They stand by the side of their lovers and ready to take the initiatives for each other to do a specific task. The person is intense and overprotective for his partner.

Holding The Hand With One Fold Finger

People think the love between them is not affection. But some other believe that it is the best way of expressing your love towards him. The idea of holding hand with one finger hold tells about the exact relationship between both of you and explains the independent nature. You can respect each other’s work and know that how much it is important to give space and privacy to each other. The moment¬†you are together is very delicate, and thus one of you will think that you should go one step back to friendship to save the relationship.

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Holding the Hands In the Inter-locked Way

The inter-locked way of holding hands gives the sign of true connection of passion between the two people. When you keep the sides in this way, you need to hold them firmly rather than in a relaxed way. If you are staying conveniently, it does not give the right signs. The two are in relation and are protective of each other. They have many traits in their relationship including care, vulnerable, comfortable, and honest.

Holding Hands Over The Shoulder

If someone is holding your hand over your shoulder, then that means he is much protective of you. You want to keep your relationship as a secret and not disclosing to the public and the media. You might do this because you might feel what others will say about you. You don’t like showing off the love with the people. But your bond is strong, and you feel proud to have each other.

Wrapping Your Partners Hand

The way you wrap your partner’s hand shows your protective nature for her. You lay on your partner for your decisions, and your bond is so strong that no one can break it. But need to evaluate if you are in the relationship or not. You afraid to accept it.

Touching Subtle Way

Holding hands in the subtle way explains your playful nature for him. It is like brushing your fingers with the help of your partners hand. But if your partner is also attempting the same with you then that means you are not sure for your relationship.

Holding in Firm Grip Way

Holding hands with a firm grip shows the dominance nature. Your relationship is having the dominating nature. It shows one of you wants to be the in charge of your relationship and take all the decisions according to them.