What the world seems to you when you are drunk


What happens when you get drunk-Drunken people to have their own creation in this world which is away from normal and possibilities. They just start telling people like they are seeing the world with abnormalities. There is a big difference between sober and drunk personality. Let’s have some fun with the drunken perception.

What happens when you get drunk

  • The world is spinning, let’s stop it

What happens when you get drunk

This is what happens when you get drunk. You feel that everything is moving round and round.

  • Everyone is there for the drunken person

A drunken person thinks that everyone cares for him/her because people are friends.

  • You are in paradise

Everything is turned into the best content for the drunken person.

  • You are greater than Jerry Seinfeld when you are drunk

When you are drunk, you think that you are greater than the top comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

  • Rough seems smooth when you are drunk properly

See the stairs in reality and then go to the next picture. This is how when you are drunk much.

  • You are surfing the internet after drinking

  • You lose control if you are drunk

When you are drunk, you send such message (in the first picture) which can be a cause of your breakup.

  • You are much excited to make love

  • You cannot differentiate better

Now, when you are drunk ample, you feel like a club bouncer is a Nazi.