Holding hands can speak a lot about your relationship.


Holding hands-Human beings work on physical connections which starts with holding hands. This establishes a unique bond between the couple. It ignites security, trust, love, comfort, and intimacy. This small gesture is important and it can talk about your relationship.

Let’s look at the hidden meanings behind hand-holding. Which one belongs to you?

Pulling the hand and holding fingers

Holding hands can speak a lot about your relationship

This is seen when one partner dominates over the other. The person pulling the hand is in charge of most of the decisions.

Linking arms

This shows unity among the couple. If you see it more often, it signifies insecurity or an act to seek protection.

Reinforcing hands

This may not necessarily portray something positive. This can indicate possessive or could mean that the relationship has hit a serious stage.

Holding one finger

Couples who respect independence and each other’s privacy hold hands this way. It also indicates that their care for one another is receding somewhere and they might just go back into being pals.


This kind indicates passion and intimacy. They have a strong connection and hence they grip their hands firmly. If the fingers are relaxed, it should be a concern, however.

Downward palm

This shows affection more than passion. The palm which faces downward is the person who has a stronger personality. It often leads the other.

What is your style of holding hands?