Beach vacations are fantastic, but we don’t want to go to the same places every single year. If you’re a woman who’s thinking of heading out to somewhere exotic and checking out what a great safari has to offer, you’re not alone. In recent years, safari operators are reporting that more women than ever before are packing their bags and getting up close and personal with the world’s most exotic animals. That’s why you can now book exclusive women-only safaris, with female safari guides to show you the sights.

Going on safari – and especially going on an African safari – is something that everybody who has the means to do should consider doing at least once in their lives. The phenomenal beauty of both the landscape and the creatures you’ll encounter there is hard to put into words. We know that the dream of a safari is one that prompts people to spend money, though. Check out a leading mobile slots website if you don’t believe us. You’ll find mobile slots with names like ‘Africa Goes Wild,’ ‘Hot Safari,’ and ‘Safari King’ among the most popular and most-played of all the UK slots casino they have to offer – but even the winnings from those games can’t rival the riches you’ll find waiting for you when you do it for real!

Preparing to head out on such a trip can be a daunting endeavor, though. Aside from all your travel documents, there are various medical considerations you’ll have to take into account, including the possibility of injections and inoculations, and that’s before you even think about your wardrobe. If you’re anything like us, you’re bound to forget something important. We don’t want that to happen to you, which is why we’ve assembled this handy reference guide to things you absolutely must have in your suitcase when you go!

Wet Wipes

Saharan dust is known for causing asthma attacks and other issues when it reaches the American mainland, thousands of miles away from its point of origin. Imagine what it does when you’re closer to it! If you’re going on safari during the hotter months (which is almost all of them), you’re going to be permanently hot, and permanently dusty. Sweat and dust will settle on your hands, your face, your clothes, and every surface that’s exposed to the air. It can feel uncomfortable. Bring lots of wet wipes for you. You’ll be glad of them when you need to freshen up before eating, and there’s no sign of a bathroom or similar facilities nearby.

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Brown Clothing

If you’re completely averse to brown, go for sandy colors. Dark yellows or oranges will work fine. This applies to skirts, shorts, trousers, and tops. There are two very good reasons for this. The first is the aforementioned dust issue. If you go out on a trip wearing light colors, you’ll look like you’ve rolled down a sand dune after a few hours. Dark clothing doesn’t show up the dirt as well. The second good reason is the animals. The key to getting a good view of them is not to distract or disturb them. If your clothes blend in with the background like a natural camouflage, there’s less chance of that happening.

Heavy Duty Footwear

Whatever you do, don’t bring white socks with you. You’ll never be able to wear them again when the trip is over. Instead, bring dark colors, and make them thick. You’ll likely spend a good portion of the day on your feet, and so you want to be wearing something durable. When it comes to footwear, some reliable sneakers will work just fine. Bear in mind that they’ll also take a battering from sand, dirt, and dust, so don’t bring your most expensive pair. Waterproof shoes might be a good idea – not because you’re likely to get wet, but because you’ll want to rinse or hose down your shoes every day when you get back to your accommodation!

A Rain Jacket

This seems counter-intuitive. Safari destinations are usually hot, so why would you need a rain jacket? The answer is that when the rain comes down in Africa, it really comes down. Many of the most popular safari destinations are prone to storms, and they’re unlike any storms you’ve encountered at home. Remember that the car you’re traveling in will likely have an open top. If it starts pouring down, you’ll have nowhere to hide! You can solve this problem by bringing a light, dark-colored rain jacket. As an added bonus, it will keep you warm during the early mornings. The early hours are often the times when the animals are most active – but as the sun won’t have come up yet, it can be a little cold.

A Sports Bra

You probably weren’t thinking of going to the gym while you were on vacation, so we don’t imagine this was high on your list of essentials when you were thinking about packing. Trust us; you’ll be glad you took our advice when it comes down to it. The roads you’ll be driven along to reach your safari destinations can be very bumpy. You’re driving over rough terrain, and the car will rattle around as you’re moving. After an hour or so of travel like that, you’re likely to be feeling a little sore! A good sports bra will alleviate the problem.

Power Banks

We imagine you want to take a lot of pictures while you’re on your trip. You might even want to upload them to your social media accounts while you’re there. That means your phone and your digital camera will require regular charging – but you may find charging facilities difficult to come by. One or two fully-charged power bank units will save the day for you in that scenario. Take one out with you on every trip, and running out of charge in the middle of a tour ceases to be an issue. Assume that your accommodation will have between one and zero power points available, and make your plans accordingly.

Oh, and one more thing. Don’t assume you’ll have easy access to toilets. As an example, the Masai Mara covers almost one thousand square miles, and yet it doesn’t have a single public bathroom anywhere within its borders. You might need to get creative when nature calls. Anything you can bring along with you to make that process a little easier will be a bonus!