So, you have worked so hard to build your social media presence, right? You have dozens of likes, and you have a good following. This should be something that pays off. Well, it does, but sometimes not as most people expect. It’s one thing to have a strong social media presence. It’s a totally different thing to make such a presence work for you. Optimizing your presence on social media is crucial if you are going to convert followers into regular customers.

Well, there are a few things you can actually do to achieve this.

Content Has to Be Engaging

Remember how hard you worked to get the kind of following you have right now on social media? You must also work just as hard to keep it. One way to do this is through sharable and engaging content. There are literally millions of people who will go on social media every day just to see what you have posted. Do not disappoint them. In case you are having some issues coming up with the best content for your social media campaign, you can reach out to Famoid for some help.

Customer Engagement is Crucial

Posting shareable content is, of course, one great way of keeping customers engaged. But there are other things you need to keep in mind as well. Replying to customer feedback or even reacting to questions raised on your platform is very important. People want to feel appreciated on social media. If it looks like the brand cares for them, they will care for it back. This increases the chances of conversions dramatically.

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Post Deals

Sometimes customers may need to be triggered to take action. You can do this by posting deals. Start with a simple promotion. For example, you can say, the 1000th person to like a certain photo will get 20% off their next meal if you are in the restaurant business. This does not only trigger customers to take action, but it gets people talking about your products. It’s definitely a win-win situation for you and your followers.

Hire a Professional Social Media Manager

It may also be a great idea to have a social media expert fully dedicated to your social media pages. This may seem like an added expense, but it’s worth it. Think of it this way. You are busy running your company, right? When do you get the time to reply to comments online? When do you get the time to post? Accomplishing all these things on your own is not easy.

However, a social media manager can come in and help you. They will make sure that the content is updated and that customer feedback is tracked accordingly. This will help enhance engagement, which will, in turn, lead to better conversions.


Creating a presence on social media is definitely a good thing. But even with such a presence, there are still things you need to do to make the most of it. The simple tips above should easily help with this.