What Do Your Eyebrows say About Your Personality?


What your eyebrows says about you? It is so interesting to know the different facets of your personality. Nowadays, social media is full of many quizzes and tests that let you predict the kind of nature you have by asking some simple questions. But the biggest clue to your personality lies in your appearances. Even your eyebrows have something to say about your character. Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

What your eyebrows says about you

what your eyebrows says about you

  1. The Regular Arched

Neither too arched nor too straight, these are just the perfect eyebrows. If you have them, you are a traditionalist who has an amicable relationship with everyone in your life. You do not do unnecessary drama and take right decisions.

  1. The Natural Straight

If you are blessed with straight, horizontal and flat eyebrows, you have not faced any hardships in your life. You are very organized and ordered when it comes to things in your life. Not at all impulsive, you rely on cold logic instead of fuzzy feeling.

  1. The High Arch

The ones with the high arch are lovers of the limelight and love to be the centre of attraction. With their artistic persona and playful nature, they quickly become everyone’s favourites. Quite a perfectionist, they are self-critical and are known to take difficult decisions.

  1. The Straight Up

The owners of these eyebrows have a ‘no-nonsense’ look to them which is quite misleading. They are one of the gentlest souls around who are crystal clear on what they want with life.

  1. The Short Brow

Detail-oriented and tenacious, you are the object of admiration due to your hard-working nature. But you do need to have a broader outlook on the life.

  1. The Thick Brow

Those who flaunt thick brows do not conform to society’s expectations of beauty and accept things the way they are instead of modifying them.

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  1. The Unibrow

People with unibrows do not worry themselves silly over others people’s opinions. They know that they are unique and are quite proud of the fact. A vibrant imagination, they love to create their own fantasy world.

  1. The Thin Brow

Not fond of conflicts, the owners of these eyebrows generally possess a sophisticated nature and like to be the epitome of innocence. They are more of listeners who are not loudspeakers.

  1. The Large Gap

Choose to the core, you are hell-bent on achieving the benchmark. Too anxious for your own good, your anxiety stems from the fact that you are genuinely concerned about people around you.

  1. The Pointed Brow

Born to be a leader, you are single-minded and ambitious who shoulders responsibility like a pro. You are quite intimidating to your juniors and colleagues who are both inspired and frightened with you.