Best way to discipline your child. Punishment is a significant part of a child’s life. It can make a child’s future or spoils it. It is important to punish a child on their wrongdoings and letting them learn from their mistakes. But punishment should not be such in which their self-esteem gets hurt.

What’s the best way to discipline your child?

If a child didn’t have bad intentions, they shouldn’t punish

 best way to discipline your child

Children don’t do anything with bad intentions, all they want is to learn and discover new things. In this process of learning and finding new things, some of their actions may lead to something terrible. But that doesn’t mean that children have bad intentions. Somethings happen coincidentally, in this situation you need to be sympathetic towards the child and tell them how to fix the situation. If you punish a child in that situation, then your child will never learn and discover new things.

Punishment should not be emotional

Parents get angry when their child doesn’t obey them. Although they love them, they can’t control their anger in that particular situation. The cause of this anger is their expectations. Parents expect so much from their children, and when this expectation meets reality, parents get unsatisfied. All these emotions need to suppress.

Psychologists say that these children may be dependent on other people who have a higher social status.

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If you threatened to punish, you should punish.

According to child psychologists if you promise to punish a child, then you must punish him. Just threatening them for the punishment is worse than no punishment at all. Children will start believing that their parents won’t do anything, all that they do is threatening them. Their value system becomes damaged; they won’t be able to understand what is right and what is wrong.

However, it suggests that if you threaten the child, then you must punish them when they go wrong. You need to explain to your child that this behavior is not normal. It is just a rare exception.

Children should only punish for current wrongdoings, but not for past mistakes.

One thing that we need to keep in mind of child-rearing is that “punishment- forgiveness- forgotten.” If we continuously punish a child for their past mistakes, then he/she can never be a healthy person. They will be scared of doing something new. They would prefer their old routine. It is possible that they won’t learn anything from their past mistakes.

It becomes essential for the parents to understand the situation and punish your child from the current wrong thing and not punishing them again and again.