Which ones are the most dangerous of all zodiac signs?


A lot of people have faith in the predictions of their respective zodiac signs and they take it seriously as well. Geminis are so compatible, Pisceans are so erratic, so on and so forth. Predictions run based on actual data. FBI has been keeping an eye on the birthdates of psychopaths and serial killers. Let us have a look.

Which ones are the most dangerous zodiac signs


Which ones are the most dangerous zodiac signs


This one has to be one of the safest signs. They refrain from any crimes and look for logic in everything they do.




These guys are with justice all the time, making sure they get their moves right. They rarely get involved in crime.



Although they are born leaders, they can’t be the most dangerous lot. They can only attract the attention of authorities as they are obsessed with drama.



Librans are talented people and can be very tolerant too. They can shift to violence if someone takes them for granted.



Their want for neatness and attention to detail can make Virgos the ideal killers. But in most cases, they can only go as far as theft or fraud.



Pisces is one of the most dangerous zodiac signs. These guys are known for their skills in tranquil creativity. They are the most infamous killers, so you should beware.



They don’t choose this path of violence but should they choose, they will be the limelight of the city.



Aries can be dangerous zodiac signs. They might be short tempered but that doesn’t make them resort to violence. They might want to murder you if they hate you and at the same time pray that they don’t want to do it.



Taureans can be very rageful. Although their temper can be something, research shows that they are more into fraud than killing.



These guys don’t just do the crime but they put their heart and soul into it. They can think anywhere from medieval torment to slaughtering weapons.



They are sadists. You should watch your step around them if your life is precious to you.



No one would ever guess that the homely Cancerian can make it up to the first place in the list. They are so moody and based on data they are very prone to murders. This is normally due to emotional hurt or jealousy.