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What is the difference between a convenient programming language and an inconvenient one? A demanded language should be fast, secure, and versatile, as Django is for developers. Django appeared back in 2005, and gradually became one of the best frameworks that help thousands of developers complete wound tasks within minutes. Initially, Django was a framework of Python, thanks to its good functionality, Django significantly simplified many difficulties in the development of web applications, giving this work an easier approach. And now Django development is very popular among programmers and companies.

Programming languages and their popularity

Software development is a dynamic world where new programming languages are constantly appearing; priorities are changing. Technologies are updated and transformed. To remain a demanded specialist, a programmer has to learn for the whole life. There are more than 500 programming languages in the world, and we want to describe features of the top 5 most popular languages along with Django.

1. Java

This programming language for many years in a row leads to all the ratings. Almost everything is written in Java: desktop and mobile applications, games, complex software products.

2. JavaScript

Pages and blocks with animation, flying, and rotating pictures, many other dynamic decorations are written in this language. It is used for interactive buttons, forms, and much more. Of course, if you want to take advantage of those animations firstly you need to know instructions on how to enable Javascript in your web browser JavaScript is an important part of any front-end development. In addition, JavaScript is actively used to create mobile applications and games.

3. C #

The language was created by Microsoft for software products and applications on the platform of this company. Applications are written in this language based on the .NET framework, including games and applications for desktops and mobiles. C# is especially convenient for working under Unity 3D. Developers with knowledge of C # are in demand in large IT and commercial companies.

4. PHP

PHP is the most popular language for web developers. It writes CMS and additions to the server-side of sites. In principle, today, more than 2/3 of all Internet resources work on PHP, from small business cards to the largest social networks. There is no rigid structure in PHP. It is flexible and simple, open-source. Another plus is the work with databases.

5. Python

Python is one of the modern programming languages that is rapidly gaining popularity. The demand for Python developers is also growing.

The language has a simple syntax, flexibility in work, and high speed of project implementation. It successfully teaches children the basics of programming, since Python is easy to learn and contributes to the development of systems thinking. At the same time, neutron networks, software for BigData analysis, and artificial intelligence developments are written in the same language. It is used both in web services and in the development of application programs, including gaming.

Why is Django So Popular?

Django is a free web application and Python’s framework. Let us note that a framework consists of components that help develop websites in an easier way, so Django absorbed the best features from the original language as a framework.

Each time when developing websites, similar components are required: a way to authenticate users (login, logout, registration), a site control panel, forms, tools for downloading files, etc.

Fortunately, they paid attention to this and solved the same problems in web development by creating frameworks. Django, as a framework, offers us ready-made templates for use.

When you have a certain thought, transforming it into a programming language and giving it a real form with Django will only take a few minutes. Django is available in the public domain, that makes it easier to maintain the web development process. A developer focuses on the process of design and the development of application functionality. Thus, Django developers are the perfect tool when web design should reflect the concept and goals of a company.

Pros of Django

• Speed: Django was designed to help developers build an application as quickly as possible. This includes creating an idea, developing and releasing a project where Django more crucially saves time at each of these stages. Thus, it can be called an ideal solution for developers for whom the deadline issue is a priority.

• Complete set: Django works with a variety of features that significantly help with site maps, content administration and user authentication, and much more. Those specifications help to maintain each level of web development.

A web application framework is, in fact, the tool or components that a web application needs. Its goal is to allow the developer to focus on new and unique parts of the project, instead of applying the same solutions over and over again. Django is even more functional than most frameworks, as it provides everything you need to build a web application.

• Security: When you work in Django, you get protection from security-related bugs that jeopardize the project. I mean common errors like SQL injection, cross-site forgery, clickjacking, and cross-site scripting. For the efficient use of logins and passwords, a user authentication system is key.

• Scalability: Django framework works properly with the big traffic.

This feature allows many busy sites to use Django to meet traffic requirements.

Essentially, Django is a series of components that are raised and ready to work by default, but since these components are independent of each other, they can be disconnected and replaced as your startup needs specific solutions.

• Versatility: content management systems, platforms of different areas, even large companies – Django can effectively manage all of those aspects.

• Thousands of encoders available: Python became the most popular programming language in 2014, and now it is studied by the largest number of people who are going to become coders. This means that now it is possible to find a highly qualified remote development team.

Bottom Line

Django can be used to create almost any type of website – from content management systems to social networks and news sites. It can work with any client platform and can deliver content in almost any format.

The best question is how popular Django is to avoid the problems of unpopular platforms. Does it continue to develop? Is it possible to get a paid job if you study Django?

Based on the number of large sites that use Django, the number of contributors, and the number of people providing both free and paid support, we can assume that Django is a popular framework.