Why Women Leave The Men They Love


Oscar Wilde aptly said, “Men always want to be woman’s first love – Women like to be man’s last romance.” A woman’s love is deeper than man’s. It holds no boundaries and can go to any extent. Once a woman truly loves you, she will be your support in sickness and health. But there will be a saturation point up to which she can do to make the relationship work. Why would she leave something she had woven, with her heart and soul? Let us find out the answers.

1. You Are Selfish In The Relationship.

A relationship is meant for two people. You cant be selfish in it and must put equal efforts to make it work. If a man is selfish, then women will definitely leave him.

2.You Avoid Physical Intimacy.

When a woman is indeed in love, she is bound to be attracted to you. She will want physical intimacy. So try to be physically involved in the relationship. It becomes more important if you are in a long-distance relationship.

3. Comparing Her To Others.

Comparison kills any relationship. It is not appropriate to compare her with any irrelevant person of your life as everyone has different situations and different way of dealing with it.

4. Not Spending Quality Time.

Key to a good and healthy relationship is spending quality time with each other. Make her feel special by spending some good time with her, assuring her that you are always there for her.

5. You Are Impolite In The Relationship.

Being rude is completely unacceptable. Instead of yelling and being impolite sit down with her and try to convey your feelings to her. She will definitely understand you.

6. Lack Of Effective Communication.

Effective communication is essential for a good relationship. Share your thoughts, interests, and concerns with her. Also, listen to her when she shares hers. It will bring you both very close and make you inseparable.

7. You Are A Dictator In The Relationship.

Do not be the dictator in the relationship or else she will leave you.According to a research, it is proven that being a tyranny was a significant reason of the breakup for many women. Be sensitive and respectful of her feelings and don’t try to rule her.

8. Not Appreciating The Small Things Of Life.

You are missing a great deal in life if you are always complaining and not enjoying what you have. Rather than criticising the things try to appreciate the small things of life. Love what you have and try to work for better instead of grumbling all the time.

9. Denying Her From Personal Space.

Don’t kill her personal space. She loves you deeply, but sometimes she might want to be left alone. Give her that and see how your relationship blossom.

10. You Don’t Understand her.

Lack of understanding is often pointed as the end of the relationship. In the world full of unknown people, we want one person to understand and accept who we are.  Understanding strengthens a relationship.

11.  You Both Don’t Share Common Interest And Hobbies.

Sharing common hobbies and interests helps you build a special bond with each other. You will enjoy each other’s company and love spending time together. If you don’t share common interests, then it will drive you both apart which would not be tolerated by a woman at any cost.

12.You Don’t Trust Her

You will end up losing her if you do not trust her in a relationship. Trusting your partner is a tacit agreement. She wants you to understand that she loves you and that is why she is with you. She will part her ways with you if you don’t trust her.