With 2018 Came These Bizarre Foods

With 2018 came these bizarre foods

How many of you love food? Eat to live has become live to eat in this early 21st century. Nonetheless, the quantity of food that goes wasted each day is something which cannot be unseen. Still, the production units won’t stop from introducing new and novel food items to the commerce. It could be due to the distaste or disliking of the newly manufactured products that such severe wastage is noted. Attracting you to their stalls has become a trendy business for the food suppliers so much so that it won’t matter even if tons go into the garbage bins.

Howbeit, in this article, let’s go through all the weird variety of foods which entered the marketplace this year. 15 among the many are discussed here. See how many you came across.

#1 An Giang

An Giang

What does the name of this food signal you? Something that is huge, isn’t it? Like a giant. And so, it truly is. It is a 2-3 kilogram heavy bread that runs a meter long. You can serve it well if you have a big family or on any get-together. Unique as it is, it is sold in Vietnam generally.

#2 B&M brown bread

B&M brown bread

This canned bread is one of the must-carry items on a good camping day. You can either relish it plain or enjoy it with cheese, jam or butter spread. It seems great even if eaten cold or heated up in the microwave.

#3 Beer Ramen

Beer Ramen

Don’t you avoid this food thinking it to be an alcoholic beverage, because it’s not! It seems so but is iced ramen topped by a froth made of egg whites and gelatine. Served chilled in a beer glass, this epic idea found its beginning in Vancouver. However, the smart minds evolved in a Japanese restaurant.

#4 Blue-green Ramen

Blue-green Ramen

Here is another form of Ramen, but with the extract of Spirulina algae. The natural pigment, Phycocyanin, gives the dish its color. Served in Tokyo with the addition of eggs, fresh greens, chicken slices, and pork, the blue-green ramen offers low fat and a soft taste.

#5 Charcoal Ice cream

Charcoal Ice cream

A popular café in London can serve you with an unusual black colored ice-cream, which is made of charcoal. You won’t be able to turn around without having this sweet dish, especially if you carry a sweet tooth.

#6 Cheese fish sausage

Cheese fish sausage

Nothing like different flavors can be found anywhere, but Korea. And, so is this amazingly weird sauce of fish having cheese. No wonder, it is worth a try.

#7 Chilly Shrimp and fish sauce

Chilly Shrimp and fish sauce

If spices are what turns you on towards the dish, then a sauce made of fish and shrimp should be in your list. Nothing but, it is an all in all dish in itself.

#8 Chocolate mint cake

Chocolate mint cake

There are no less than a thousand ways to design a cake. The mint flavor is one among the many but is found to be worth the penny. A café not too distant from London will serve you this chocolate flavored mint cake best.

#9 Dog sauces

Dog sauces

Do you get the urge to gobble a different taste, and not make it dull with a single one, right? So does your canine friends feel the same? Apart from the usual dog food, you provide them with, adding a little dog sauce might delight them.

#10 Flavoured Chips

Flavoured Chips

If you ever enjoy a walk in the Korean markets, don’t forget to lay your hands on the unpredictable tastes of chips. That’s because you will find them in every flavor here. From cola to yogurt to flowers and ultimately water, there is something that calls for your attention, isn’t it?

#11 Leninade


Lenin plus lemonade together makes Leninade, a novel version of soda. You can find a mix of tastes in this drink. Grapefruit, lemon, cherry, and citrus offers you a refreshing feel. You can look for it in a candy shop.

#12 Mock Pork

Mock Pork

It’s not pork, please! This one is for you vegetarians. An unknown taste is something that your taste buds might be curious to taste. You call it mock pork or fried gluten, but you ought to give it a go.

#13 Pizza art

Pizza art

Has any pizza ignited the creative mind in you? Well, this picture alone speaks a lot. Topped with blueberries and flowers, it is no less than a piece of art.

#14 Sea Grapes

Sea Grapes

Carrying a high magnesium content, the Bryopsidale green algae species is a preventive measure against heart attacks. Quite popular as green caviar and sea grapes in Vietnam and the Philippines, the Caulerpa Lentillifera, is usually consumed raw with vinegar. Moreover, this nutritional seaweed has a very interesting taste.

#15 The Flower Bingsu

The Flower Bingsu

You can never imagine that you could consume a flower pot all by itself. However, Seoul proves you wrong. No, this edible garden material doesn’t taste like soil. It’s a dessert combined of condensed milk and soft shaved ice and is topped with rice cake pieces and red beans.

How many of these foods brought water into your mouth? Something which you would want to eat? You only get one chance to live and try out new things. Make it interesting and special. Don’t miss out on your welcoming appetite.