Your Eyes Are Windows To Your Soul- See What Each Color Really Mean.


When you meet a person, the first thing you notice is their eyes and when we make direct contact with that person you get that instant vibe what type of person he or she is. That’s why it is often said: “Eyes are the window to the soul” because the eyes reveal all the information about that person. Just try to remember when you look into someone’s eyes, and you instantly get to know whether he/she is happy or not.

Our eyes are expressive and capable of conveying a lot of unspoken messages. Often if you try to hide something your eyes will not help you. Like when a person is pretending to be happy and smiling.

Similarly, the color of our eyes too depicts our personalities in many ways. over the years many specific characteristics have linked to our eye color. No two people have same eyes as they are not made with exact pigmentation which is what gives them a distinct natural color. These color are categorize as brown, hazel, green, silver, gray and black.

The brown color is far most the common color of the eyes throughout the world. Over 55% of the world’s population have that color. Some people have very dark brown color eyes that they appear black that is where black color originated. The blue color is the second most dominant color with 8% people having them. Blue is the demanding color for the lens color. Slightly trailing blue are hazel colored eyes. 5-8% of the people spot the greenish-yellow color. The green color is very rare. Only 2% of the population have them.

Most interesting fact is to know that this color reveals about our personality, check out the images below and click on the color that you want to know about. It’s very interesting, just try it for once.