10 Fabulous And Rocking Hairstyles For Young Chic


This tutorial mainly focuses on the fabulous and rocking hairstyles for young girls and teenagers to spot at parties and weddings. When it comes to a wedding, we think of expensive dresses, jewelry, and makeup. Usually, the makeup and the ethnic wear that they hold during weddings make them look elder than their age. Today this post is basically for the teenager girls, these 10 amazing and rocking hairstyles will make you look young and attractive in the wedding or in any other party.

Here are the hairstyles for young girls

Straight Hair With a Tiara In The Front:

hairstyles for young girls

This is the first version of braided hair in the front of this post. You can also add puff to the end of the braided hair in order to elongate your face.

Braided Veil:

This style may seem very difficult and intricate to do but believe me it is very easy to perform. This will look well and be stunning with long hairs with soft pastel shades.

Ponytail With Twisted Braid and a bow:

This style is especially for casual parties and not for weddings as you will not prefer a pony on a wedding day.  You can have this style in a side ponytail. A long flowy ball gown will perfectly compliment this style and will help in seeking attention.

The Zig-Zag Fishtail:

This hairstyle requires a lot of patience and time, this is one of the toughest and difficult fishtails till now if done with proper care and patience can change your whole look and appearance.

Princess Braided Tiara With Messy Hairs:

This is the same as doing braided tiara in the front, it goes well with the medium hairs.

Messy Bun:

I know that buns are for women but believe me these hairstyles for young girls should opt and updos. Buns add some cuteness and gorgeousness on your face, girls with a round face can add some bangs and fringes in front.

Straight Long Hairs With A Puff:

Nothing looks more beautiful than flowing straight hair. If you have long hairs and want to show them off in public then you should go for this style. Add some fashion accessory to give a classy look to your style.

Loose Flirty Curls:

If you have long hairs but are bored doing them straight all way, then you must try this hairstyle. This gives a cute flirty look on your face and grabs attention.

Side Fishtail Braid:

This hairstyle is just perfect. It is simple, gorgeous and can go well with all the ethnic wears. opt this style when you have to show off your deep back.

Curly Hair With a Braided twist:

Get this gorgeous hairstyle to impress everyone and win the hearts of thousands.