Hey there, ladies!

We are all obsessed with that red pout, aren’t we? And it’s the best way to brighten up our face. So, let’s go ahead and see which kind of eye look goes perfectly with that slick red lipstick.


Go bare eyed!

To bring about all the focus on your face, red pout is the best. With that, use an illuminating eye primer over your lids and then finish it off with layers of mascara. And let that bright red pout be the focus.

Black cat eyes:

10 Eye Makeup Looks to Go with Red Pout

If you want to go for a sensual look, then this is for you. Just line your eyes with a thick lining of jet black eyeliner to pair up perfectly with your red lips.

Go neutral:


Another way to make your eyes pop up, you can either go for a beige or brown liner and then apply it over your waterline. This is to make your eyes look more awake that will go in sync with your red pout.

Just a wash of color:

Go for a subtle eyeshadow shade and put it on your lid and finish it off with layers of mascara. This will give add the perfect definition to your looks.

Bolder lashes:


If you want to make a strong statement, then you can go for false eyelashes. Along with some mascara and a line of kajal on your waterline, this will give you a dazzling look to go with your red lips.

Shimmery liner:


This one is for the happy hearts, just go for a quick swipe of grey, blue, or even green shimmer eyeshadow over your lids, which will complement perfectly with a red pout.

The basic liner look:

If you want to go for a basic look, then pair up your amazing red lips with a simple swipe of a black eyeliner and some mascara with a tight lining on the lower lash line.

Double winged eyeliner look:


For this look, you need to be precise with the double wings. You can use a good gel liner to achieve those wings correctly and keep the lines neat and clean to go with your red pout.

Smokey eyes:


Smokey eyes never go out of style; you can go for a full-fledged smokey eye along with your red lips. Else, you can just experiment with different shades of colors like khaki, brown, grey, or even only the classic black for those perfect smokey eyes.

Festive golden eyes:

For any festive season, golden is the go-to color, which goes perfectly with a red pout. The combination of these two colors creates an elegant and classy look, which suits any festival. Make sure you choose a golden shadow along with a shade of red that will make you stand out.