The famous Belgian artist named Prudence have depicted woman struggles through her funny comics. She is a very renowned artist, and she has done it just for fun and enjoyment.  She is a dreamer, illustrator, and cat-hugger. All women’s in the world face these type of problems which are illustrated by her. She had started her career when she was petite. She also has a webshop called Planet Prudence which is very interesting and exciting to see. You all should take a look at her webshop if you have not visited yet. You can also order her work from there, and you can also see some funny pictures. Her primary motive is to make everyone happy.

If you have seen her art like her art, you should support her through Instagram.

So here are some about women and their daily struggle.

#1 During periods what women are going through.

These days are very much painful and irritating.

2 Multiple thoughts and overthinking during night

When you were going to sleep just before sleep, you have many ideas running through your mind like about your future your past your relationships and much more. You started overthinking about them.

3 You again start eating after having lunch/dinner

You feel that now your stomach is full and you cannot eat yet, but still, after 1 hour it seems like you have eaten nothing and again start to bite.

4 Productivity plans

You don’t have any plans for tomorrow. You are often blank.

5 You don’t know how to get out of pool perfectly

How can they do it so smoothly? It is so hard

6 You cant a good pose

Trying hard to pose but cant gives a great shot. You thought you are not perfect.

7 You don’t connect to people much

You are an introvert, and you don’t like being so much social. You are mostly involved in your world and enjoy your company with books.

8 You cannot stay positive all the time

Yes, it is important to stay and think positive. But you cant be positive all the time. At one or the other point, you will be fed up.

9 You are a master at winning

You like winning always. You become happy even at small winning.

10 A powerful message to all the wrong people there

11 Your support is your wine bottle

12 What you think you should look like and what you look like.

13 Being a child was fun

Adulthood is not at all fun. Being a child was remarkable.


14 This is how our surrounding behaves

15 Thinking about the reality of joke

16 Alarm clock irritates the most


18 When you don’t get proper bra’s

19 The most embarrassing moment

20 You crosscheck your calculations

You recheck your counts, and that is a good thing.

If you love these comics, you can also see more like these on her webshop, or you can merely search her by her name on the google. Tell me in the comments sections women if you can relate to this.