Stunning Natural Phenomena Caught on Camera!


Nature is an unstoppable force. It is powerful and immense.Sometimes it can give mesmerizing moments while other could be dangerous. Although these phenomena happen every day, but we are not present there to catch a glimpse of these stunning phenomena. These are far beyond beautiful than what is shown in movies. To our rescue, some of these events are perfectly captured on camera. Let us have a look at these magnificent natural occurrences.

1. Colorful thunderstorms

It was captured during a volcanic eruption. Volcanic eruption and thunderstorm is an astonishing sight.

Here is another image of lightning and volcano eruption.

2. Snow chimneys

Nature is beautiful even in the world’s coldest places. Steam is coming out from an active volcano.

3. A mighty storm -Moskstraumen

Just look at this marvelous picture. Strong current is scary yet worth watching.

4. pillars of light

5. Flowers of frost

Let us see a close-up look!

6. Spotted lake

7. Flamingo get together.

8. Blue hole in the sea

9. Murmurations

Murmurations are the name of vast flocks of starlings, around 50,000.

Astonishing! Isn’t it?

10. Halos in desert

11. Underwater crop circles

12. migrating Red crab

13. Catumbo lightning

14. Firepit

15. Ice bubbles

16. Winnie the Pooh cloud

17. Giant Causeway

18. Rainbow horizon

19. Lenticular clouds

20. Starry Night and Sea