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10 Methods That Make You Look Smarter


How to look smarter than you are? Experts argue on the fact as to whether it is indeed possible to develop our wit or is it something to do with genes. And then there are a set of people who have researched about the hacks of presenting yourself as smart.

Let us look at some ways through which we can look smarter and efficient with our looks.

10 Ways to look smarter than you are

Humans tend to think that attractive people are smarter than the other lot. This stereotype does seem genuine, according to studies. Beautiful people resemble perfection in their genetics itself. They feel confident on the outside and come out as smarter. Everyone feels this somewhere in their subconscious mind when we address someone attractive.

It is easy to deceive people with few tricks. Get a good haircut that can suit your face and whiten your teeth. You could use cosmetics to make your face look symmetrical.

Value the first impression

10 Ways to look smarter than you are

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Making eye contact

10 Ways to look smarter than you are

Certain cultures tell you to not make eye contact. But for someone who is outside this cultural world, make eye contact well. Eye contact will resemble a confident and open you.

And if that does not work out for you…

 Thick-framed glasses

10 Ways to look smarter than you are

Speak fluently

10 Ways to look smarter than you are

Text using easy language

Texting has become an accessible means of communicating, and it is also a great way of expressing our thoughts and ideas almost effortlessly.

When you make simple texts, as easy as the reader can correctly relate, you come out as a smarter person. You should care about the person receiving your texts and not what is comfortable for you.

Using charts in your presentation

Charts add value to your text. It is true that some people don’t even understand charts, but it does create an impact on the viewers. A text which is accompanied by diagrams makes the on-lookers have more faith in the text. They trust the presenter more and believe that the author, in fact, is quite talented.

Walking like everyone else

Making jokes and appreciating the humour

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