10 minute Home-made Hair mask


Everyone wished for long and silky hairs but none of us achieved in obtaining so. Maintaining hairs is a time-consuming process which also needs a lot of patience. For this, we bought a simple solution i.e. a home-made hair mask! Yes, you heard right and this mask will neither consume your much time and will give you perfect results.

Ingredients required:
• Aloe Vera gel, buy a fresh one from a market in case you’re facing its shortage.
• Castor oil
• Amla powder
• Vitamin E capsule

Protocol for preparation
• Depending upon the length of your hairs, take the required amount of aloe vera gel.
• Add 2 tablespoon of castor oil to this gel.
• Grind this mixture and the paste is ready.
• Add serum of Vitamin E capsule.
• Add one and half tablespoon of amla powder.
• Mix it well.
• Your hair mask is ready.
• Apply this mask all over the hairs from its root tips.
• Leave the mixture for 40 minutes.
• You will observe the desired results.