10 pictures showing how media exaggerates things to turn them into crispy news!


Media plays a significant role in our lives of which we are well aware. We also know how the media actually works in our daily lives.What media shows is not 100 percent as it is shown to us. The reality is in fact entirely different from what the media portrays! Here are ten pictures which will show how media manipulates and exaggerates things to make it pleasing for the viewers.

1) They create a diversion
Media creates a diversion just to misguide local people from the facts and figures. They show some funny pictures or other entertaining sources.

2) Exaggerate a scene
You will never hear a news story in its purest form. It will always be an exaggerated version of the same. For instance, In 2016, NASA published an article stating that if astrology were scientific, the zodiac signs would change their positions. For example, Virgo would become Leo. Cosmopolitan presented this as a scientific discovery and claimed that 80% of people would have to change their zodiac sign. The article spread so fast that NASA had to publish a retraction to counter this news article. Oh well, it is not surprising anyway!

3) Gradual Study
Media plays an important role in keeping the people updated on the latest news and happenings of the world by publishing several articles on various topics for the readers to read. So the people become full of knowledge, but unfortunately, this knowledge also involves useless nonsense which is of no use to the people.

4) Postponing Strategy
Media can present itself as “painful, but necessary”, To convince people to make hard or senseless decisions. And then they can just postpone those decisions which were to be made in the present.

5) Being very kind
The media plays a major role in influencing people.It adapts itself as per the cultures and languages on the target audience to convince them. This works best on children.

6) It tries to gain more sympathy than what is actually needed.
Media plays with the emotions of people. It forces people to sometimes think irrationally.

7) Keeping people unaware of the reality
The media can manipulate the news to suits its own need. This is particularly seen in government-related issues. This will lead to misleading people and keeping them away from the reality. People may even believe such false news due to lack of education and awareness.

8) Developing interest of people towards not-so-important updates.
Media shows anything and everything. It may lead to people focusing on mediocre updates which are of no use to them. Media shows some stupid stuff just to increase their TRP rates.

9) Presenting false things.
Media has always been playing with people’s emotions by presenting false news to them.For instance, In 2014, a photo of a boy who was lying between his parents’ graves went viral. The photo was portrayed as a photo from a war zone. In fact, the photo was part of a project that was dedicated to love for relatives. The source of the picture was shocked by the way it was presented in the media.

10) Interfering in public’s lives.
Media has always interfered in the private life of people. They always try to gain knowledge regarding each and everyone’s life.Their main focus is on celebrities, politicians, businessmen and other famous people. This information is of no use to people. It is rather irritating for those people about whom the news is. They may not want to reveal their private life in public. The media always makes a big deal of out their lives!