10 remarkable uses of salt you never knew.


Remarkable uses of salt-5000 years ago, salt production came into existence. Salt has been a crucial portion of our lives ever since. Apart from just being edible, people have found ways of using it. Regular salt, in fact, can help you with cleaning.

We have collected some ways to use salt for cleaning our house, more efficiently.

What are the 10 remarkable uses of salt?

Removing that stubborn grease

10 remarkable uses of salt you never knew.

Take a glass of salt and put it over the grease. Using a kitchen cloth, rub the spots until they are clean. Then, wash the pan with the regular liquid.

Free the chopping board from stains

 On a dirty wooden surface, sprinkle some salt and scrub it using a lemon. Wash the board with tap water after the board has absorbed the mix.

Removing that color from a vase

One of the remarkable uses of salt to remove the greenish residue. Pour a concentrated salt solution into a vase. Shake well and then wash the vase with soap and tap water.

Home-made scrub

Take some salt and butter in 1:2 ration and rub it onto the face in a circular fashion. Heat the butter a little before making this scrub. Wash the face after rubbing onto the skin well and then put moisturizing cream on.

Prevent the cheese from getting molds

Wrap the cheese in a piece of fabric soaked in salty water to protect it. The shelf life of the cheese will increase by a few days this way.

Cleaning tile seams

 Mix half a glass of salt with some warm water plus detergent. Now wash the surface with this mix and concentrate it more towards the seams, as that it the region where most of the dirt is.

Making a foot bath

Take 1-2 glasses of salt in a tiny container to make such a bath. Add some warm water and then keep your legs in the solution until the water cools down.

Removing tea spots from cups

Take one spoon of vinegar and salt and mix them well. Put this mix into the cup which is stained. Wait for a few hours and then wash the dishes as usual.

Getting rid of the bitter coffee taste

Make the coffee taste better and get rid of its bitterness by adding a pinch of salt into the beverage.

Whitening pillows

For whitening your pillows, here’s a hack. Mix a quarter teaspoon of soda with 1 tbsp of salt. Put this mix into boiling water and keep the fabric in the mix for an hours time, making sure that the water’s temperature is constant.