How media manipulates regular stories into crispy news? We all know what the role of media is and how the media actually works in our daily routines. What manipulation techniques it uses to transform a boring or regular incident into a hot and crisp headline. Here are 10 best examples and strategies to prove that how newsmakers can manipulate anything even a small regular incident too!!

1) They create a diversion
They actually create a diversion just to misguide local people from the actual facts and figures to some funny pictures or other entertaining sources.

10 ways how media manipulates regular stories into crispy news
2) Exaggerate a problem
Exaggerating a basic incident is the oldest habit of these newsmakers. For instance, In 2016, NASA published an article stating that if astrology were scientific, the zodiac signs would change their positions. For example, Virgo would become Leo. Cosmopolitan presented this as a scientific discovery and claimed that 80% of people would have to change their zodiac sign. The article spread so fast that NASA had to publish a retraction.

10 ways how media manipulates regular stories into crispy news
3) Gradual Study
In order to create awareness and maintain the connection with the latest updates, this media plays an important role by publishing several articles on various topics for the readers so that by reading them they can update themselves by enhancing their knowledge.

10 ways how media manipulates regular stories into crispy news
4) Postponing Strategy
To convince people so to make hard or senseless decisions, the media can present them as “painful, but absolutely necessary.” And then they can just postpone those decisions which were to be made in the present.

5) Being very kind
The media use several tactics to influence the public. One of the best is to adapt and present their cultures and languages in advertisements to convince them. This method effectively works especially in the case of children.

6) Gains much of sympathy than actual reality
Media manipulate a news in such a way that by targeting the emotions of people. They block the rational part of your mind which often lead to distortion of reality.

10 ways how media manipulates regular stories into crispy news
7) Keeping people unaware of the reality
The media and the government can easily manipulate a society if the society remains unaware of the tactics which they use. This may happen due to a lack of education and awareness.

8) Developing interest of people towards mediocre updates
These people just divert the minds of local people from important news and updates to some stupid stuff just to increase their TRP rates.

9) Blaming people and realizing them their mistakes
This strategy helps in putting blames on regular people for various serious issues. In 2014, a photo of a boy who was lying between his parents’ graves went viral. The photo was presented as a photo from a war zone. In fact, the photo was part of a project that was dedicated to love for relatives. The source of the picture was shocked by the way it was presented in the media

10 ways how media manipulates regular stories into crispy news
10) Knowing more about the public rather than focusing on themselves.
The media always try to keep them updated by interfering in the public’s private lives. They always try to gain knowledge regarding each and everyone’s daily routine. In 2005, The British tabloid News was caught wiretapping information of various celebrities, politicians, and even members of the royal family. The information that was received in this illegal process was used to write exclusive articles that attract a lot of readers. The lawsuits from celebrities and ordinary people ended this by shutting down the tabloid, which had to pay a huge amount as compensation.