Who doesn’t love curly hair?! We can’t deny that once a while we wish that we would be one of those who are blessed with wavy hair. To your rescue today we are going to discuss ten ways to get perfect curls which you can proudly show off anywhere.

1. Curling with peaks

You can adjust the kind of curls by braiding loose or tight. For tight curls, use the big barrel and for loose curls use the small barrel.

2. Curling with fingers

Twist your hair with the finger applying the iron to get the curls.

3. With the spray

For long-lasting curls apply hairspray which will hold the curls little longer.

4. Curls for root.

Curls will stay curl longer time if you curl hair from roots. Also, they look more natural.

5. Curling by making a pony.


Make a ponytail and apply the iron to get the beach waves.

6. Curl slowly and in small portion

Don’t make large portions while curling. Curls will stay longer if you make small parts.

7. Angle of Curler

Angle in which you curls plays a vital role. If you want loose curl, then curl hair in the vertical form. Curl horizontally if you wish to tight curl.

8. With the help of straightner

Hold hair inch by inch and then move it top to bottom by folding your hair inwards. Repeat this procedure until you get perfect curls.

9. Curls with the help pins

After ironing your hair, fix them by the pins while they are hot. Leave them for a while and open for the perfect curl.

10. Single-form curls

Divide the hair into the small sections and wrap them around the curler for few seconds and get the flawless curls.