7 Hacks to Look Well-groomed at Work Daily


Hello Ladies,

Groomed look-Women who work often groom themselves much better than men. Don’t we love our PJs and messy buns when it’s an off? We love to rock our huge over-sized t-shirts to hide some flaws of tummy better than a thief trying to hide his theft. In all, we can pull off anything we wear no matter where we go and what we do. It’s indeed obvious that we all slay when getting ready for work. So how do you achieve a perfect look every day? Here are some methods which can surely come in handy! Let’s get started.

How to have groomed look

Groomed look

  1. Moisturize your hands and especially your cuticles well:

pretty hands

Dry hands make you look old and unappealing. They seem rough when you shake hands in a work environment, and yes, they can feel it too. Don’t think twice before investing in some good hand cream. When we wash our hands too much, they tend to become dry. Keep moisturizing often! If you are going for a nice manicure, do apply some sunblock lotion before exposing your sensitive skin to UV lamps.

  1. Keep your handbag and shoes clean:

Don’t we splurge upon these two things? Taking good care of them is equally important so that they look new for years together. We should clean them every now and then, if not daily at least. Leather protecting products can help clean expensive handbags and footwear. Cotton pads or cloth should be used for the same. Always get rid of the dirt before it settles permanently on these two essentials, especially along with the stitches and notches.

  1. Get rid of your baby hair:

baby hair

Hairlines that are perfectly defined look attractive. Tiny baby hairs can make you look messy which should be trimmed well if you want to have groomed look. Or maybe, take a worn out toothbrush, add some setting spray to it and tame those little mean growth of hair. You could always opt for a clean mascara, brush your hair well thereafter. It must never look like glue was spilled onto your hair!

  1. Never neglect your ears:

Always keep ears clean. Our hair covers them well, so they are protected from sunrays and its ill effects. We should still care for them and use products on it the same way we do for our face or skin. Make sure you don’t get black spots after wearing artificial jewelry along the holes or piercings in your ears. Remove those ear studs before bathing and give them a good lather to cleanse well. Earbuds can remove the stubborn wax and don’t forget to moisturize them! Give your ears a dab of foundation too, every time you use some on your face!

  1. Fix the tiny imperfections

Chop off the tiny threads tucking out of some stitches on your clothes. Care for the chipped nail polish. Your stray eyebrow hairs should be tweezed well. Get a crisp collar y means of a straightener. Never let procrastination lead your way when you want to have a perfectly groomed look in your work-space.

  1. Keep the saviors- ‘Q-tips’ along with you

q tips

These are so multi-purposeful in nature. You could use them for several tasks besides the tasks they are truly meant for. The inner corner of the eyes can be cleaned; you could also dip them in any moisturizer to reshape a messed up line of kohl. Oily creasing under the eyes can be absorbed. Don’t these Q-tips multi-task?

7. Always wear that ONE thing that defines you:

confident woman

It could be your favorite fragrance, lipstick or even a piece of jewelry. When you include this in your look, you feel that boost of confidence naturally. The most beautiful ornament a lady can show off is her confidence. It will make you stand out perfectly!