10 Ways To Use Potatoes For Your Skin And Health


Potatoes For Skin And Health-Potatoes are such magical vegetable. We love them and why wouldn’t we, they give us chips, french fries, and vodka, after all. And as if all that wasn’t enough they also have a wide range of skin and health benefits. Amazing, right? And we are here to enlighten you about some of the essential uses of potatoes that you will thank us (and potatoes) for.

10 Ways To Use Potatoes For Skin And Health

1. Dark Circles And Eye Puffiness

Potatoes For Skin And Health

Potatoes can brighten up your day by making you’re to appear shinier and brighter in minutes. All you have to do is peel and cut a raw potato and wrap it in a clean cloth. Place that cloth over your eyes for 15-20 minutes. Or, you can apply potato squeeze under your eyes using a cotton ball to blur away those dark circles.

2. Wrinkle Treatment

Just apply some potato juice to areas where you want it to work its magic and witness it chase those wrinkles away.

3. Bye-Bye Dark Spots

Mix a peeled potato in a blender and apply it over the dark spots, giving it a tender backward. Afterward, do a peeling for 5 minutes, wash it off and shine bright like a diamond.

4. Remove Facial Blemishes

Cold potato juice is the best natural remedy to get rid of facial blemishes.

5. Sunburns

Sunburns can be the real pain. Thankfully, our friend treats these too. Apply potato slices over the affected areas and try to be as gentle as possible.

6. Light And Bright

Apply a mask of ground crude on the skin and wash it off in about 30 minutes after the application. This followed several days a week would definitely give you the results you yearn for.

7. Dry Skin Troubles

Apply a mashed potato on your dry spots for a couple of minutes and then wash it off. If followed consistently, this routine will help you smooth and recharge dampness into the skin.

8. Eliminating Dead Skin Cells

Potatoes are very helpful in lifting the dead skin cells from facial skin, leaving you with an unmissable glow and radiance.

9. Natural Cleanser

It can be a real tough job searching for a cleanser that suits your skin. The chemicals usually end up doing more damage than good. Well, potato for the rescue yet again! All you need to do is blend half cucumber and one potato and ass a teaspoon of baking soda and a little eater to cleanse away the dirt from your face.

10. Heal Rashes, Itches And Insect Bites

Potato can be quite handy for treating rashes, itches and insect bites. Just put a slice of potato over the affected area and leave it be for a few minutes. The process is to be repeated several times a day until the irritation is significantly gone.