11 Helpful Tips and Tricks for The Perfect Eyeliner


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Hey there lovely hearts, we all know how tedious the application of eyeliners can be. A single mistake can mess the whole thing up. For a beginner, applying eyeliner can sound like an impossible task! But it’s not that hard really. Once you get the drift of it and practice on it, it’s super easy and you won’t have to worry so much about applying it. So, here we’ll go through some simple methods and tricks by which you can start being a pro in applying eyeliner.

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1. The first step is to wash your face, to remove the oil on your eyelids because oil can become a major barrier because it can’t hold the liner for long.

2. In the next step, you have to choose the type of liner you want, which suits all your needs. For beginners, sketch liners will be perfect as they are super easy to use and apply.

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3. Earbuds are of great help, with some good cleanser it can remove any kind of product in case you end up creating a mess. Water-based removers will be the best as oil-based remover will make your skin more oil and they might mess up your makeup as well.

4. To get the best results, try tilting your head backward. It will give you more grip to make the shape of the liner perfect, so as not to end up creating a mess. You can keep your eyes half closed for even better results.

5. You can start with the inner corner of your eyes and stretch it to the middle to make the thickness of the liner in a better way and you can estimate how thick it should be. Then start from the middle and aim towards the outer corner keeping close to the lashes. Keep going slow, there’s absolutely no rush. Practice gives the best results, so keep practicing until you’re really good at it.

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6. If you’re a cat eye or winged liner lover, this is for you. Find some scotch tape and attach it to the lower end of your lashes on your eyebrows and keep extending the liner to draw a line. If you want to be a rebel on the start and want to try it free-hand, then slowly draw a single thin line at the end of your lashes and extend it till the point where both lids meet up to your eyebrows. This twist can give you an amazing wing.

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7. If you have a gel liner, then go ahead with one brush. Choose a brush that you’re a pro with and then use it for all the liners. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with the same liner, you can use any other brush you wish.

8. Gel liners are known to dry up pretty quickly, so if you end up wasting some, it is bound to hurt, right? Instead of just throwing them out, you can choose any oil of your choice, like coconut, almond, or baby-oil and put a few drops in the liner and mix it up. Let it be for like 5 minutes and voila, you have your liner back. The oil won’t destroy your gel or have any adverse effect on your skin, don’t worry. It will have a good shine and glide on smoothly as usual without any worries.

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9. Well, don’t ever forget to clean your brush after applying any gel liner. It ensures that the brush hair remains soft. You can use oil to dissolve the liner left in the brush and a bit of shampoo to wash it off. Dry it off using a towel or a soft tissue, which will increase the life of the brush.

10. Tightlining can do wonders if you’re just wearing the eyeliner. It will give a perfect effect as your lashes will appear fuller, which is bound to turn heads left and right.


11. So, at the end, to remove the liner, you can use oil as it easily removes the liner and won’t have any side effects, unlike other chemical removers which can have bad effects on your skin.

Try these dazzling tips and tricks and see how they work for you. Keep winging it and see yourself stand out from the crowd.