6 Easy Lipstick Application Hacks to Flaunt the Perfect Pout Each Time!


Lipstick completes every woman’s look, with the countless number of shades which we can’t even keep track of, our makeup collection never gets short of lipsticks. Every woman yearns for the perfect shade of color to get a glamorous finish to her look, so here is a list of some ways you could apply lipstick in the best way possible in case you were making some slight mistakes, don’t worry and just read along.


1. Don’t Be In a Rush

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!3

Well, you might just be running late while applying your lipstick and as a result, you end up creating a mess so you have to reapply it. So, to save some time from all that, make sure you have a calm mind and hand to apply it smoothly without any hurry and get the perfect look on the first try itself.

2. The Power of A Lip Liner

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!4

Lipliners is essential for beginners, it helps to define your lip area and you can just fill out your lips within the outlines without making any mistake.

3. Learn The Art of ‘Mix and Match’

Bring out your experimental self, try to mix and match with different shades if you want a unique shade every single day. Just mix two lipsticks together and voila! Spend a few bucks over a nude matte lipstick and let it be with you forever and combine it with any contrasting shade and then follow the simple steps given below :

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!5

a) First, apply the nude matte lipstick.
b) Then apply the lipstick of your choice.
c) Now, put on the matte nude shade lipstick again. Make sure that you have an even lip color.
d) Then, apply darker shade or a nude lipstick, according to your choice.
e) Well, now you just have to smile.

4) The Concealer Trick

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!6

If you’re going for a darker shade of lipstick like red or maroon, make use of some concealer to blend out the region around your lips and blend it well enough. If you end up looking like a vampire then you can use some bronzer or a dark compact to balance it out. Then, just use a lip liner and fill it up with a darker shade of lipstick to make it pop out and scream of the color. It is bound to look glamorous.

5) 5 Steps to Make Any Lipstick Last Longer

Who doesn’t want their lipstick to last longer? Here is a list of steps that you can use to make sure that your beloved lipstick stays alive a little while longer.

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!1

a) First, apply a concealer on your lips.
b) Then use a lip liner over your lips.
c) Take some baby powder and put it on your lips.
d) Apply your lipstick.

5)If Love of Mattes

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!7

Matte lipsticks never go out of style, we all have our hearts stuck on some savory lipstick shades that we just wish were matte. This is your day then, these simple steps will turn any ordinary lipstick into a perfect matte lipstick.


a) First, apply about 2-3 coats of your lipstick as it will become a tone lighter in the further step.
b) Then, dab a thin tissue paper over your lips and let it be.
c) Use some baby powder with a brush and apply it on your lips without removing the tissue.
d) Then remove the tissue and you’re done, you have got the matte lipstick you always wanted!

6) Don’t Stain Your Teeth

This is a very common thing that every girl has to go through. We have all survived that day when some random person or even a date comes up to say the sentence that you have lipstick on your teeth! That sounds horrifyingly embarrassing. Don’t worry though, there’s a cure for that as well.

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!


After you’ve applied your lipstick, take your finger and put it in your mouth and make an ‘O’ with your lips. Your lips should be touching your finger from the inside of your mouth because you don’t want to ruin your lipstick from the outside. This ensures that the excess of lipstick gets out on your finger, making your teeth stain-free, but don’t forget to clean your fingers.

These simple and easy tricks can bring and showcase a major difference in your overall look! Hope these small lipstick hacks helped you out in some way.