Vitamin E has a lot of essential uses, it can help make a huge difference to your hair and skin. Here are 7 simple and easy ways by which you can utilize Vitamin E capsules to beautify your skin and hair.

Ways To Use Vitamin E Capsules

1. Vitamin E Skin Serum:  

Take a vitamin E capsule and then squeeze it out onto clean pals, apply a little on your face and let it be for the whole night. Remember to not use more than required as it gets very sticky and oil to feel. Use a little amount as required, you don’t want to wake up to an oily surrounding.

2. Vitamin E Hair Serum:

Take a few vitamin E tablets as per your hair length, you have to apply it to your entire hair and if you want to, then apply it on your scalp as well. Be aware that it will make your hair very sticky to touch, let it be for about an hour and then clean your hair. Condition it if you wish to, it provides extra nourishment which is very beneficial to your hair.

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3. Vitamin E Supplement:

This is one of the most effective ways. You can just swallow one capsule of vitamin E every day for half a month and you can notice the difference it makes, resulting in an amazing skin.

4. Vitamin E Skin Cream:

You can make a mixture of your favorite night cream with vitamin E, just add a capsule to the night cream and you can use it every night to get its benefits. This is less messy as compared to other methods and doesn’t let you waste any time in order to use it. Because you just have to add the capsule once and apply the cream every night. You can also add this to your body lotions to absorb its enriched effects.

5. Vitamin E Elbow, Knee, and Cuticle Softener:  

You can apply a concentrated dose of vitamin E onto your elbows and knees to exfoliate them along with oil. This will help prevent dry and flaky skin, and it helps to soften your skin as well. In case you have some of it left, apply it over your cuticles to soften them.

6. To Treat Chapped Lips:  

Vitamin E works great on chapped lips, if you’re making your own lip gloss, then you can add a capsule to it and absorb its many enriching benefits.

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7. Acne and Scar Treatment:

Vitamin E has antioxidant properties, it can help in treating acne. It helps to fade away acne marks and it also helps in treating wrinkles by speeding up the cell regeneration rate.


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A recent study by some US scientists at Ohio State University has stated that vitamin E helps to quit smoking. It helps in improving the way that blood vessels function by balancing the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease in a smoker to a non-smoker. Hence, Vitamin E has huge potential to help smokers. So, go get some vitamin E capsules to start living a healthy lifestyle.