11 Hacks Every High Heel Lover Needs To Know


Heel hacks-Clubs, parties, night outs, weddings, is there any scenario when a pair of high heels aren’t the perfect go-to? What’s impressive is that they work with LBDs just as well as it does with traditional wear. Needless to say, we girls love our high heels, be it wedges, block or pencil. Be that as it may, numerous a period young ladies face their fair share of struggle concerning heels and the most well-known are rankles and torment in their legs. So, in the end, it often boils down to this choice: look ravishing in those beautiful high heels and endure the pain or just pick a comfy pair of flats instead.

It’s not fair though. Surely, wanting to look great for a few hours shouldn’t come at the price of tormented feet, right? That is why we bring you these hacks for cheating the pain and slaying with your looks while you’re at it.

1. Tape The Toes Together-Heel hacks

Heel hacks

The four ‘T’s is a heavenly hack you will surely thanks us for. Just duct tape your second and third toes together before slipping them into your high pumps. Taping will help you balance an extra pressure of any sort, subsequently, preventing any chances of swelling. Just try it to experience the level of comfort you’ve never experienced in high heels.

2. Just ‘Roll-On’

One of the best heel hacks, use a roll-on antiperspirant at the bottom of your feet to prevent irritation and blistering. Furthermore, in the absence of the sweat, your feet won’t slide ahead, sparing your toes from handling all the load in case of closed heels.

3. Use Water Loaded Zip Bags To Break Into New Heels

We know how mercilessly tight new heels tend to be and the dread of walking around the house wearing them to break that. What if I told you that you could avoid that? Just put a zip bag loaded with water inside your heels and place it in the freezer. Later on, break the ice inside your heels. This will extend your heels consummately making it simpler for you to modify your feet.

4. Blow Dry Your Socks To Utilize Them As Your Insoles

Put on a pair of socks before sliding your feet into the pair of heels and afterward blow dry your socks. You can use them as your insoles throughout the day. This will make breaking into your new heels a piece of cake.

5. Avoid Sweat Using A Dry Cleanser

We have already pointed out that sweaty feet are prone to blisters. Furthermore, they make your feet slip deeper into the heels, and you may even end up tripping and falling. To avoid the sweat, use a dry shampoo on your feet before wearing heels.

6. Try Not To Go To Flats Straight After High Heels

It’s advisable that you give your feet a chance to adapt to the transition from the initial height. For that, you ought to change from high heels to low heels and later on to pads.

7. Use Sandpaper To Avoid Slipping

Rub sandpaper at the base of your heels to maintain fiction with the floor and avoid any slipping mishaps.

8. Utilize Soft Pads To Get Comfy In High Heels

Pads inside your heels are an undeniable euphoria. A pair of soft pads will make you feel great inside of your hostile heels. In case you don’t get these feet pads already attached to the heels themselves, you can always invest in them and place them inside yourself, for great comfort.

9. Drench Your Feet

If you’re someone who struggles with heels every time you put them on, you may want to consider prepping your feet beforehand. Absorb your feet in tepid water for 20 minutes and dry them before you wear your heels. This will relax your feet and change your perspective on wearing high heels altogether.

10. Shop For Heels Post Sunset

It is believed that your feet swell a little after the sun sets, and before buying one, you may want to ensure that the heels fit you well in the evening time.

11. Sparkle Them Up With Vaseline

If you see the shine from your stilettoes fading away, you can always bring it back with some petroleum jelly. Never let that gloss fade.

If you find these hacks useful, make sure you share it with every high heel fanatic you know.