Marketing tricks to increase sales. The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic and thriving sectors all around the globe. It combines a variety of jobs, scaling from the production of products, the transformation of raw materials, and the creation of cloth from fabric, to shoes, and accessories production.

Clothing brands cleverly use different tricks and strategies to maximize their profit and make you spend a massive amount of money on things that you might not even need. However, you end up buying it anyway.

Wonder how that happens?clever marketing tricks to increase sales

12 Marketing tricks to increase sales

They will say you are allowed to take a specific number of clothing items in your bag into the trying room and give you matching accessories with what you have picked on purpose. It is a trick to tempt you into buying that stuff afterwards.

Only try those items that you intend to try on.Simple!


They will make you try their best glam collection of shoes, coats or tops that match with the item you grabbed to try out. They lure into buying more stuff by helping you out with combo accessories that you can’t say no.

Shop for what’s primarily needed and avoid falling prey to their trap.


An option for return policy is always tempting.Isn’t it?

You might have noticed that even when we shop online, we are more inclined to satisfied with companies offering a return policy.Puts us on safe ground, and thus we intend to take risks and end up getting stuff of which we are not 100% sure in the hope that we can return it later. But let’s be honest, who among us has that much of time and patience to go back to the outlet and replace it. We tend to keep it locked up in our cupboard.

We should, however, check if there’s a possibility of return it in time, request the store to put the item on hold.

These are a great promotional idea for retail stores.They will motivate you to accept a store card so you can get a discount on the merchandise.

Typically it’s close to 20 for each penny, so unless you’re burning through £200, the amount won’t get you anything.

Many customers expect companies to approach them personally with personalised offers instead of blanket promotions. If a shopper usually stops in every Friday for an iced latte, sending a coupon for 20 percent off on late on a Friday.

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Try to offer you shoe accessories to match with your outfit or jewellery piece to pair with an outfit.

You have to tell them that you are not looking for it and you are not interested.

Few can resist the enticement after looking at a discount offer. In any case, let’s explore the actual reality of these sales?

Here and there, stores falsely raise the costs, it so happens that the price is thus increased, that after the sale it ends up what it would have been to start with.


Various manufacturers have different size scales. Along these lines, you’ll have to get into a small size thing at some store yet usually don’t have the ability to press yourself into a medium in the some else.


Big brands now and then make dresses made by famous fashion designers. Their strategy is for clients to be paying more for an exclusive collection. Nevertheless, the only thing, which is exclusive, is the limited time offer, and even these clothes are usually of moderate quality as compared to the rest.


Have you paid attention to how all the garments in a store are flawlessly folded, but while the sale is going on just look at the mess all around with things heaped in bundles? It is done on purpose to make a customer feel upbeat and puts you off, so you don’t look around much and buy stuff in a hurry.


Regardless of the possibility that an item is labelled as “natural,” and safe it still might be unsafe for you. Garment manufacturing includes chemicals that can’t be made out without appropriate lab testing. Some harmful substances may form the part of the fabric which can cause irritation and allergies. So, be careful while you shop.

Manufacturers overrate synthetic garments to give customers a motivating force to buy more costly items produced made of natural fabric.

Many of you are enticed and get crazy about designer clothing.We tend to buy literally, not bothering about the look or comfort of the material but the “so-called label.” Garments and accessories there are hyped, it only appears from designer’s collection. They are just profiting by brand names. There are many such brands by famous designers who have nothing impeccable about it but again, have a huge base and are sold extensively.