8 signs which show you might think you are not ready to move in with your partner , but wait it may be too soon.


Signs that your not ready to move on for your love. This article recounts the difficulty one may confront when faced with a possibility of moving by a loved one. It may result from a variety of reasons, like proximity, security, and other reasons, However, it is never easy to enjoy your place where you are comfortable, and you have people around who know you and love you, where you feel the warmth of affection of your parents and the primary factor, when you are settled in your job and everything.

Moving to another city can be difficult if you consider, but moving on solely on your partner’s wishes is a colossal task.This is why it becomes important to discuss and be sure to be in your mind about the decision and not doing anything stupid because it may happen so that you may consider it in the rush of the moment.

Moving is a major decision, and before making any significant decisions in your life, you should try to figure out the core reason as to why the move is necessary.

Here are eight significant signs that relocating to a different place for your partner might not turn out as all glorious as you would want it to be. This list is what suggests that you may not be ready to move on for your love interest.It might make you think it is the best thing to do, but relax and feel!

Signs that your not ready to move on for your love

1.You feel that moving is the answer to all your problems

8  Signs that your not ready to move on for your love

Moving to a different place in no way guarantees that you will stop facing problems with your relationship or everything will get back on track again because running away from home is undoubtedly a significant and daunting task, you need to know that it is not always the ”HOME AWAY FROM HOME” concept works. You may face a severe crisis.

It will only add to your list of problems. That being said, if you are moving to be with someone who has a history of being unpredictable and moody, it is foolish to expect that moving will sort things out and be the answer to your problems. While you may not be a victim, moving away from home is a sacrifice that deserves not only to be appreciated but acknowledged as well.

Many couples think that bridging physical distance will solve problems. While nearby definitely mustering up a relationship, but if your partner has been distant and selfish for a long time, don’t expect the change to be immediate. While the importance of physical closeness cannot be ruled out, it is not the only parameter; you have to have a secure emotional connection, you need to have a connect of souls.That is what is pure love.

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2.Your partner may not even have asked you to move

It might seem irrelevant, but your partner’s equal footing in the decision is a big deal. You have to have his consent because his support for the move is monumental to build your relationship. If your partner has concerns or questions about it or has not encouraged you to move, it means he might need more time, or there may be something off about the commitment. He/she might not be as invested in the relationship as you are, or maybe they have commitment issues or that they don’t see a prospect. Make sure it is not a one-way thing.

3.You’re doing it because it’s financially more comfortable.

It does sound a little offensive, but many couples do it becomes it is easier to settle in with someone rather than living alone which is both difficult and expensive.  Don’t commit this mistake, don’t think in economic terms.

 4.You “think” it is going to make your relationship stronger.


If you don’t feel strongly about your better half, it is in itself a big issue, you have a problem, and you should stop then and there, believing that moving in will help it then you are wrong about your decision. Don’t force yourself into settling in for something you are not sure.

5.You are not used to spending so much time together

Before getting into something as big as a move, plan out a test trial, especially if you are not likely to spend a lot of time together. Plan a week-long holiday and see how it turns out for the two of you. Living under the same roof is not so easy or fantastic as it sounds. Therefore, instead of regretting your decision later, give a trial run to see if it works out.

6.You’re still dependent on your mom to do the laundry.

If you have been living at home and don’t know how to clean up after yourself or do necessary chores, you’re hardly even ready to move and live on your own, let alone move in with somebody.

7.You are still in your honeymoon phase.

  If this is the case, you still find yourself encompassed in your fantasy world, just don’t. Please.

8.If your personal space threatened

Yes, waking up together in the morning, going to bed at night, cooking for each other may seem so so romantic, but it doesn’t remain that way for long. For many couples, it may be great, but you learn to be independent and accept each other’s private space.