13 Eyeliner Mistakes Most Of Us Make Without Realising


Eyeliner Mistakes-When it comes to makeup products, it can get so intimidating. Primers, foundations, concealers, highlighters, bronzers, and a gazillion different things. That’s why most of us prefer to just stick to the basics, foundation, lipstick, mascara and our dear beloved eyeliner.

The beauty of eyeliner though is that it holds so much power. It can make you look like an absolute goddess, or on the days when your hand decides to get a bit shaky; it can ruin you and everything you hold dear.

Here are some common eyeliner mistakes

 eyeliner mistakes

1. Black Blunders

 eyeliner mistakes

I honestly don’t understand the obsession over the all black lining the entire eye, it looks terrible. Sure, Pandas are cute. But not you when you look like one! Let’s just ease up on the black a bit and not make it Halloween every day, ladies.

2. Eyelash curl after eyeliner

Most of the women make eyeliner mistakes after curling lashes. Let’s get the sequence straight. Applying eyeliner after curling lashes – pretty eyes – good. Curling lashes after applying eyeliner – curler remover the liner – bad. Easy? Good.

3. No Primer

Let’s ask us, do we still need this eyeliner to stay put after 2 hours of application? Yes? Then we need that primer. It’s not a waste, try it, and you’ll see.

4. Free-handing That Wing

Let’s admit it, must of us can’t draw symmetrical on paper, and that’s okay. Clear tapes are so easily available, use them. After all, you need those wins flawless to fly high, ladies.

5. Avoiding Blending

It’s a little known that blending is not just for foundations and eyeshadow. Blending your eyeliner a little makes it look more natural. All you need is a sponge to mix it.

6. Using Dried Eye Liner

We know it hurts just to throw away expensive makeup, but you have to realize that not only has that dried liner lost its magic, but applying it can irritate your eyes. You must learn to let go.

7. Throwing Away Pencil Liners

Most of us dispose of or never use our old pencils as soon as we get new liquid or gel liners. Here’s a hack for you, just warm the top of that pencil and let the magic work itself. You’re welcome.

8. Liquid Lining The Bottom

Why would you even? This just ruins everything right about that liquid liner. Besides, what else do you think Kohl is for?

9. The Eyelid Pull

This just messes up the final look of the liner. What you can try instead is applying the liner in dashes and then joining the dashes together with smooth strokes.

10. Eyeliner And Lashes Gap

Here you again do some eyeliner mistakes you may have applied a perfect stroke liner, but if there’s that gap visible, it just won’t work its magic. Fill that gap with some kohl or eye-shadow, and you’re good to go.