Great Makeup Tips That Every Girl Can Benefit From


Makeup Tips-Eye makeup is the jewel in every girl’s makeup schedule. Imagine yourself without eye makeup and how incomplete it will look. So now when the craze has already built up to get tips and tricks for perfect eye makeup, let’s have a look at some of the Makeup Tips to make your mornings easier.

Here are some great makeup tips

Makeup Tips


  1. The Classification

Your upper eyelid can be divided into three major categories- outer, inner and middle lids. The amount and shade of your eyeshadow matter a lot here. Some people tend to have a vaster internal region while others may have a wider middle or outer lids. Be creative in your ways according to your eyelids.


2. The Perfect Edges

You can get different styles of eyeliners as per your wish. Be it a cat eye style or a winged shaped or just a simple curve; everything goes well when done with perfection.


3. The Smoky Waterline

To give your waterlines a smoky touch, apply darker shade eyeliner or kohl on them. Do not use liquid eyeliner here as it may get smudged.


4. The Innermost Corners

To give a sizzling look to your innermost corners, you may add some pale or glittery eyeshadow. This look fits excellent for parties, fancy occasions and outings.


5. Define Your Upper Lash Line

Use Kohl to slide past a line at the upper lash line and get amazingly beautiful eyes.


6. Give Your Eyes A Dimension

Applying a darker shade of your eyeshadow can do all the magic. Highlighting your eyelids with glittery shades also does great work. Apply this shade between the eyelids and the brow bone area.


7. Wow! Just Look At The Final Look. It’s FABULOUS!