Needless to say that most of us love fashion! We simply cannot do without thinking about fashion at least once a day. Majority of us love buying new clothes or spending time in checking out the latest trends.Though we keep ourselves updated about the latest fashion trends, we still require help from time to time.

So, here I have listed a few tried-and-true fashion tips that can help every woman get dressed.Even if you’re an expert, these tips would be extremely helpful for you too. So the next time you get dressed, make sure to follow these and see how you can improve your outfit game.

#1 Measurement tips for the perfect fit.

#2 Choose your size according to the brand

#3 Formula for the perfect cut!

#4 Multiple ways to wear a scarf.

#5 When to spend or save.

#6 Your pattern guide

#7 Multiple ways to wear simple black leggings.

#8 Pair your boyfriend jeans with these.

#9 correct way to tuck your non-skinny jeans into your boots.

#10 Mix and match the prints

#11 The ultimate neckline length guide

#12 The various types of skirts out there!

#13 Dress according to the event.