Tips to enhance Your Ponytail Game!


Hello Girls!

One hairstyle which never goes out of style is undoubtedly a ponytail. It is always pretty and fashionable. It has been in trend since ages. But you might get bored of the simple ponytail and want to explore new ones.  We bring to you 12 ways in which you can up your ponytail game to a whole new level.

1. Must try- Knot Pony:

Knot pony is a simple and trendy ponytail. To make this hairstyle, take one of the hair ends and cover it with the elastic band. When done, it will appear as a  knot on the pony and will give a very chic look.

2. Hair Accessories:

You can try some hair accessories like colorful hair extensions or jewelry to step up your boring ponytail.You can also add some flower to make it pretty.

3. Braided Ponytail:

Try to braid the middle portion of your head before going with the simple ponytail. According to your like, you can make ponytail loose or tight.

4. Curl ended pony tail:

You can give a retro look to your ponytail. After making a ponytail, wrap your hair around the curl. You can go for beach waves or very curly hair according to your preference.

5. Cool Ponytail look:

This hairstyle will look good if you have thick hair. Begin by knotting a section of hair your hair from the crown and then tie it into the ponytail. This is suitable for any outfit be it Indian or western.

6. Loop Ponytail:

This ponytail is apt for the summers. After making the ponytail insert the hair end again such that you don’t pull it out entirely and let it hang half. You can try with the double loop if you have long hair.

7. Dry shampoo:

To give lots of volume to your crown portion, use your dry shampoo and hairspray at the crown of your hair. This will give a good height to your ponytail.You can also make a pouf to increase the height.

8. Twisted ponytail:

It is most feminine hairdo of all. Just try to twist your ponytail to one side or right from the parting to the hair end. Secure it with the help of bobby pins.

9. Side Braids:

Side braid is a simple braid yet it can give a ramp ready look to your hair. This makes it a trendy hairdo on the award functions just braid on both the sides of your hair just before making it into the ponytail. Use bobby pins to tighten it.

10. Fake long ponytail:

This ponytail is for you if you want a long ponytail, but you have short hair. Make 2-3 ponytails at different lengths and tie all of them together with an elastic band. This will elongate your ponytail and will increase the volume naturally.

11. The Classy ponytail:

It is classy and elegant ponytail which you achieve it when you do numerous twists and loose braids before the ponytail is securely tightened.

12. Messy Pony:

This is the ponytail for the procrastinators who feel lazy even to brush their hair. Firstly, tease your hair with a rat tail comb which will give you lots of volume and messy look. Then loosely secure it with the rubber band. Comb just at the rubber band area. lastly, pull the hair from both the sides to give the perfect messy look.