Someone went too over the board and renamed Zara’s latest collection with Funny names!


Sometimes, we feel that the names and descriptions of certain items in an actual clothing catalog or online catalog are body shaming their customers? We often wonder who’d want to buy these with a name like that? Well, one shopper felt offended too, with Zara, so she went ahead and renamed the company’s latest items with hilarious names to prove a point. She took the internet by storm after doing this! Check it out.

Would you want to check your waist?

Lucy Clemson, a businesswoman from London, Renamed these items from the clothing brand Zara. The titles which she gave has a sarcastic Rumor attached to them.

Looks like a real pig.

People are liking her posts and retweeting them on Twitter!her tweets have gotten over 7,000 likes and shares in a very short time.

She even compared one item with Cadbury Roses!

After all, we too see a striking similarity between the two.

She probably disagrees with ‘What goes around comes around.’

She’s clearly not a big fan of sweatshirts with text. We all can relate very well!

She became all the more ruthless when it came to this ‘sausage’ bodysuit.

Her comparisons are so on point! The bodysuit indeed is too tight for the model and plus it is shiny! Totally making her look like a sausage.

Seems like she is totally pissed off with Zara.

She’s probably helping other women by giving just the best reviews.

She totally mocked this printed dress.

At this point, we all are wondering what Zara thinks of Clemson’s comments.

We totally agree that some pieces are totally cringe-worthy!

Sure, but many of us are not smart enough to make such perfect comparisons!

Honestly, we can’t stop laughing our asses off!

This one is so on point. Clemson is clearly horrified by some of the styles and doesn’t find them fashionable at all! Neither do we, Clemson.

Let’s admit that we all are in love with Clemson’s sense of humor!

What do you think of these Dalek slippers?