15 Best Designs That Have Failed But Feels Humans Are Intelligent


Designs that have failed-Well, most of the people among us say that if you have thought of doing something, then you can do it. You imagine the new things in your mind in the daily life routine. But the fact is that it has no age. If you plan to design something, then someone would reach you to teach you these motivational quotes. You will hear them in the very first class in your course of the designing. But the fact is only a few people start to work on such events. Rest all others forget and soon lose hope.

You might be a designer, but the real designer is he who knows the real and actual meaning of the requirements of the individual that might lead to the direction of the project. But eventually, the results might be different such that they do not turn out according to the plan. Things turn out to be in a different way and hence it makes way for a recipe for disaster.

It is the modern world of smartphones and cameras, and hence you cannot find something hidden in it. Everything that you want to protect also gets captured along with your reactions while hiding them. Social media is there to viral them in no time. Here we are with the pictures by the severe designers that will leave you laughing your belly out.

15 Best Designs That Have Failed But Feels Humans Are Intelligent

The picture is only for those who are 18+.

15 Best Designs That Have Failed But Feels Humans Are Intelligent

One of the best designs that have failed. The time and the shadow captured in the photograph by the designer went viral in no time as it has spoiled what the designer wanted to show you.

Here it is not the best message that we can say out loud.

Well, the mind of the creator might be sharp, but it is not active. It is because as the pencil will get sharpen, you will learn the sharp truths of life as shown above.


The whole world might have gone against the author if his name was Brown White. Thank God it is not that.

Crying Blood

Well, it happens when your mother brings a toy shaped strawberry toothpaste for you. It is not blood.

It is the navigational precision that has even drained down the gutter.

I am sure that the designer has not paid the right attention to the navigational compass.

Try and eat it to get imprisoned

It is the method by which eating up the food can expose you to the merciless problem.

Is the street for encouraging the stunts in the road?

If you are planning to take the right turn, then you must hop your way out. But the problem is you should not forget your helmet and the guards.

It is the unique poopy marble.

I can make you sure that the designer is not on the drugs. But if he was not on those, then I believe he must be in love with the dirty patches.

Is it the animal?

I am sure that the pet might be not even want to enter the place. What about the humans then? I think there is a lot of difference between the choices of both.

We do not know if it is the way out or in.

I think you should buy the tickets and then strike your head on the wall. It would be the best choice for you.

Open the drawer you can do it.

I think the owner of the house might be keeping something unusual in the drawer such that it no one can open it usually as if they want.

It is because one cannot be both.

It is one for those who cannot read the target group of potential buyers.

I think you need to hang the designer after seeing this.

I think the designer would not give up a college degree.

The double meaning talk.

And now I believe that I was not with the balls so that you can guess the meaning of this one.

Is sprinkling prohibited in the area?

Well, I think the birds must not get seasoned like this.