17 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Girlfriend


You open your mouth, ask a simple, in your opinion, question, and judging from your girlfriend’s reaction realize that you put your foot in it. All guys have been there. You can’t read the reaction on her face clearly – whether she took offence, got confused, or just wants to strangle you. Probably, you asked one of the following questions that women really hate hearing from men. Check them out and avoid at all costs, especially when dealing with Russian brides.

May I kiss you?

Never ask this question on a date. This is something that shouldn’t be verbalized. You should understand her desire by her behavior throughout the date. Her body language will answer all your questions, just be attentive and choose the right moment to attempt a kiss.

Why don’t you talk to me?

Don’t be lame! If she seems bored or disinterested in you, do something to win her attention. Or concentrate on some other things. Sometimes, the absence of interest is a sign that you shouldn’t continue this relationship.

You look different today!

Even if she does look different, your question will not cause a positive reaction. For women, it’s a very dubious remark. “Different” means what? Worse or better? If worse, it means that you just pointing it out. If better, it means she looked worse last time. So, just avoid this comment or change it so that it sounds unambiguous.

Did you sleep poorly?

If you’re not hinting at your passionate sleepless night, then most probably you’re hinting at her tired look. It can embarrass her.

How old are you?

It’s an old cliché but it hasn’t lost its topicality. The first gentlemen’s rule is not to ask a woman about her age.

What are we going to do today?

Girls like it when a man can take the initiative and take care of everything himself. Even if you think asking for her opinion is polite, this is not that case. Especially if you’re on a date.

Are you going to wear this?

Man, just think about the consequences. She might want to strangle you with that scarf or pierce your hand with those heels.

Have many partners have you had?

Do you really want to know this information? If not, this question will not help you maintain a conversation.

How much do you weigh?

Another rule every gentleman should bear in mind – never ask a woman about her weight.

Is your sister beautiful?

Be confident that after this question she’ll do everything possible for you never to meet her sister.

Are you on your period or something?

Think it’s a witty way to explain her bad mood or mood swings? Women are annoyed by this tactless comment that many men still consider fun.

Could you lend me some money?

There is an unwritten law that men mustn’t ask women to lend them money. Unless you’re looking for a creditor, this is a direct way to push your girl away from you. Apart from demonstrating your financial insecurity, you put a certain burden on her.

Do you think I’m attractive?

A confident guy will never ask this question. So be this confident guy. Yet, this question can be an element of flirting at further stages of dating if asked with proper emotional coloring.

Why do you like this very [any item of clothing]?

You may not think so, but such question is a covert hint that you don’t like this or that thing on her. And what if she really adores that feathered hat?

Do you love me?

If you feel the need to ask this question because you don’t see it without a verbal confirmation, the answer might not satisfy you.

Why are you single?

This question is okay if it’s part of a compliment. But if you ask it to find out about the story of her life, you’d better avoid it.

Why are you friends with him?

People make friends for different reasons, and if you’re asking this, you might see a rival in that guy.