The secret behind the stripes you need to know-We use our toothpaste every day and night, and we hardly care to know about that toothpaste in detail. But if you are reading this article then, Well, Hello my dear smart citizen, Good Morning. You are in those 20% curious people in the world who want to know before doing. And if, you came by the post then, congratulation you are also going to know something new.

Are you curious to know about stripes at the bottom? Or do you want to know about indicators on their labels? Then this article is only for curious minds like you. Go Ahead and clear your doubts.


Let Us First Know About The Stripe And Their Colors:


Stripes are found at the same location as indicated in pictures. In general, till now there are only four color type stripes namely, Green, Blue, Red, and Black. Which is entirely by, what material is comprising that toothpaste. It is always seen by people but rarely thought about it.


Green Stripes:

Secret behind the stripes you need to know

If your toothpaste contains green color stripes, then you are so lucky to have nature’s product 100% natural products in your toothpaste. Now you don’t need to jump over trees for natural brushing of your teeth; you have it in your hands.


Blue Stripes:

Secret behind the stripes you need to know

Check if you have blue stripes, then you too don’t have to worry about anything. These are natural but have very few chemicals in it. In other words, you can say that your toothpaste is 80% physical and 20% artificial, and if I say artificial, it just includes a whitening agent or pain relievers.


Red Stripes:

Secret behind the stripes you need to know

Today people know that using synthetic material is harmful to life. In that context, if you have red stripes on your toothpaste, then you should start worrying. Red is more dangerous than blue. This toothpaste has chemical-based compounds, which has a mixture of both natural and synthetic.


Black Stripes:

Secret behind the stripes you need to know

If you find this stripe on your toothpaste, then you should try avoiding your toothpaste from now and start using other toothpaste. Black-striped tubes of toothpaste are solely chemical-based. Think about it you are gargling chemical every day.


Now let’s know some other signs or symbols which are available on your pastes of any kind but are hardly noticed and even if they are noticed, they are hard to understand.


How Long Can You Use, After Opening It:

This sign on your product indicates that how long can you use your product after opening the seal of the product. You must know this or else you will keep using it by just checking the expiry date, and the product will expire long before.

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Best Before End Date:

This sign is directly related to the expiry date of the cosmetic products before the real expiry date of that product. That is thinking of the time when a product is dead, and anything dies only after losing its strength, so this best before end date is the date when the product starts loosening its quality.



This is the sign which indicates that the product container is recyclable. On seeing this sign one gets to know that after using the product, the container should not be thrown anywhere but only at right place from where it can again be used to recycle it.


The Green Dot:

This is the symbol of helping which indicates this product sum percentage is given to those organizations who are supporting ecology and took responsibility to manage the balance in nature regarding pollution. It is mostly used in Europe.



In the United States, this sign has great importance as this sign indicates that this particular product is made up of 95% natural ingredients. A human being can safely consume this product without any fear of healthiness of that product.



If you are looking for a product which is made up of plant products and whose 95% of plant product is organic. This product has a specialty of evaluating the organic content of the product. Not just plant product but any ingredients used in these product contains at least 10% of organic product



This is the same as USDA and ECOCERT of the United States. This symbol implies the same that the product is a bio that is it has natural content and is organic. This also contains 95% natural product which has organic content also. It is a French product sign.


Refer To Insert:

This sign is different from all other signs this sign indicates that the other details which you want to know and generally are present but are not present in this product then, don’t worry at all. You will find this sign which Indicates refer to the packet in which it came wrapped.


‘e’ Mark Sign

This Symbol indicates that the product is only and only used in European Union and not in other European State. It also has one more sign that is it indicates that the number printed on the product is the average volume of all the products manufactured so far.


The Cute Bunny:

Secret behind the stripes you need to know

This symbol solely indicates the animal-friendly behavior of the product. That is to make this product and for testing this product no animal was used. That is this product doesn’t support any animal testing.


Thank You.