21 Simple tricks for Perfect nail art one should know about


Maintaining your nails on a daily basis is a tough job especially when it comes to a nail art. Nails arts is a time-consuming process especially for those who are running short of time due to their hectic schedule. No matter how attractive they might appear but it’s impossible for an individual to make them on daily basis. But here we have listed twenty-one nails hacks which are simple and can be applied on a daily basis without consuming much of your time. Just have a look-

1) Starting with the basics
For achieving a perfect nail art you need to learn the basics first. Have a look at this picture and note down all the important things which you may need.

2) Keeping in mind the shape
You need to observe your shape of the nail bed and learn what other shapes could be suitable accordingly to give you a proper result.

3) Substitute for nail polish remover
If you are running short of nail remover then you can make your own. Just mix some white vinegar with 70% alcohol and squeeze a lemon into the mixture. Now you can use this as a remover.

4) Simple trick for removing nail paint
Take a small bottle and fill it with a single piece of sponge. Make it wet with nail varnish remover. Place your nail on the wet sponge, twist a little and remove after 5 minutes. Your nail paint is removed.

5) Dip and Remove
Used to remove uneven nail paint. Soak your nails in acetone. Wrap each nail with an aluminium foil. Leave it for 5 minutes and all your nail paint is removed.

6) For perfect polishing of nails
To avoid spreading of nail paints on the skin, apply some Vaseline around your nails before get started. Then use a swab to remove excess nail paints and for a final touch.

7) For even polishing of nails
Use these steps for getting even layer of nail paint on your nails.

8) Sterilizing manicure tools
One should always sterilize their manicure toolsets before using them.

9) Healthy nails, Healthy mind
For maintaining yourself in a healthier way one must apply manicure and pedicure on a regular basis.

10) Ombre Manicure
The simple trick behind ombre manicure.

11) Homemade matte nail paints
Adding a small amount of cornstarch with the top coat and applying them on nails can result in a perfect matte effect.

12) Texturing with a tape
For a combination of shiny and matte effect use a tape.

13) Making Patterns with a narrow Tape
One can also use a tape to create a multi-effect and patterns on your nails.

14) Forming new shades
You can also use a white nail varnish with any shade to obtain a light shade.

15) Feathered pattern
For a perfect stripped or feathered pattern one must use a makeup brush on a wet nail paint.

16) French Manicure at Home?
Now, you can try a French manicure at home with the help of a tape.

17) Nail art using Sharpie
With the help of sharpie, one can create amazing designs.

18) Try something Black and Gold
For simple and elegant nail arts you can use a black and gold sharpie.

19) Making Gold Patterns
One can make patterns on paper and simply cut and stick them over their nail paints.

20) Applying Polka dots
The best method to create polka dots is to use the edge of bobby pins.

21) Taking care of cuticles
It is necessary to care your cuticles for better growth of your nails. Follow these simple steps for strong and healthy nails.