22 mind blowing facts about Nicole Kidman


The Hollywood actor and producer Nicole Kidman had always been a shy kid who suffered from Sutter problems. Nicole has done a lot of films in her career. Some of them are’The Hours’,’Mourlin Rouge!’,’Vietnam, to die for’,’Cold Mountain’ and ‘Lion’.Jane Campion encouraged her to do acting and she has also won an Oscar for her performance.She is also woman right’s activist. She was really impressed by the role of Wicked Witch which was done by Margaret Hamilton. After that, she realized that she was interested in the acting field.

She makes her debut at the age of 16. Her first film was Bush Christan. After this, she was also seen in the popular T.V. series ‘Five Mile Creek’.But unfortunately her family condition was not good at that time and she has to left the industry just after one year of her career.But then she came back and from then she always has been the finest actor in the industry and she never looked back.

Here we wish you 50th happy birthday Nicole Kidman.

1 Ambassador of UN goodwill

Nicole has always performed her role very well whether in reel life or real life. She is a great wife, caring mother, superb actor, devoted daughter and an activist. She always raises awareness of women’s rights as she is a women’s rights activist and hence, as a result, she was made the ambassador of United Nation’s Goodwill in 2006 for her splendid work.

Kidman in an interview said “Working with UN Women, I have met women who have to overcome enormous obstacles, yet who went on to help others and organize to achieve social change. To me, these women embody resilience, strength, dignity, and hope.”  Not only this she was also appointed as the goodwill ambassador by UNICEF.She also helped the disadvantaged children.

2 Trail Blazer

Nicole became the first Australian actress to win an Oscar in 2003. She portrayed the role of leading lady in’The Hours’ although she was nominated four times for an Oscar. She also won a golden globe for the same role.

3 She made a record of ‘Most money paid per minute to any actor.’

Her name is in Guinness World Record. She was paid $3.71 for her four-minute commercial for Chanel No5 perfume.

4 She is preoccupied with lace and florals.

The mother of Kidman has always loved antique clothes. She always takes these antique clothes from the flea market and she always dresses her daughter Nicole with these special antique dresses.

5 She loves her body

Nicole Kidman is proud of her body. Nicole doesn’t use a body double for her stunts. Yes, you heard it right. She is an actress who always prefers to do bold love scenes of her own without using any body double and hence she is very proud of herself and her body too.

6. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced!

All the newspaper headlines were about the divorce of Tom and Nicole. It was obviously very difficult time for Nicole. She was not able to overcome it. But all thanks to her best friend Naomi Watts who stayed by her side until she stayed on her own.

7 She has four lovely children

Nicole had adopted two children when she was with Tom Cruise, and they were named as Isabella Jane Cruise and son Connor Cruise. And then after Tom Cruise, she married Keith Urban and den she gave birth to two sweet daughters Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose.

8 Hokulani Kidman- A Hawaiin name given to Nicole

Nicole was born in Hawai so her parents thought to give her this name. Yes, it sounds interesting. She shares this name with an elephant that was born at the same time at the Honolulu Zoo.

9  Nicole has a shy nature in childhood

She has always faced difficulties in her childhood, She has always shy nature. She has also suffered from a stutter and today also she is trying to overcome her difficulties. Maybe that’s why she is called the ice queen on the red carpet. Amazing right!

10 Keith Urban checked into Rehab

Keith always loved his wife Nicole and never wanted to lose her. She checked into rehab immediately after marrying her. In an interview, Keith said,”It was like if I don’t choose the moment to do the right thing and to do something that was going to give me life, I am scared of losing, I am going to lose it anyway.”

11 Nicole wore corset twice!

She whittles her waist twice because she has to wear a corset. This proves the dedication of the actress. She has to whittle her waist up to 19 inches for the movie’The Portrait of a Lady’. She also whittles her waist for another movie called ‘Moulin Rouge’ although she was nominated for Oscar for this movie and also won a golden globe.

12 She loves animals.

She always loves animals and is always against harming animals. This fact is proved while she was shooting for a movie with Hugh Jackman, She saw a Scorpio crawling on hug’s leg. She knew that it was poisonous but still she scooped it into her hat and released it. In an interview, she said”I would never kill an animal. Every creature here has its purpose. This one just didn’t belong in Hugh’s bag.” This clearly proves her love for animals.

13 Keith took four months to impress Nicole!

The lovely couple first met at an event in 2005. After four months Keith was able to ask Nicole out, and Nicole asked Keith-“you did not love me at first sight, you did not notice me.” and to this Keith reply was awesome. He said,”Yes I did but I just did not let on.”

14 Nicole has an American as well as an Australian citizenship

Nicole was born in Hawai while her parents were temporarily in the US. Hence she has the citizenship of both the countries. She came back to her motherland at the age of 3.

15 Hugh Hefner became desperate for Nicole

You guys must be shocked to hear that Hugh wanted Nicole to appear nude in The Playboy magazine. She worked with the actor in the movie” The Blue Room.”

16 Nicole is afraid of butterflies

Everyone likes butterflies. But the case is not same with the Kidman. She is very afraid of them instead she is not afraid of sharks and spiders. Interesting right! Even she is allergic to bees also!

17 Nicole height is amazing

She is taller than many co-stars in the Hollywood industry. Her height is 5 feet 10 1/2 inches. She was 5 feet 9 inches just at the age of 13.

18 Nicole Kidman is also a musician

You will be amazed to know that Nicole is a great musician. She played piano in the movie’Cold Mountain’.She also sings very well.

19.Kidman is very friendly

She has made many friends in the Hollywood industry till now. Her best friend Naomi Watts is always by her side in her good times and bad times, This shows the friendship of both. Not this she also has many celebrity friends which include Jim Cerry and Meryl Streep.

20 Nicole’s private relationship

She confessed that her relationship with Tom was private and hence she loses her all friends during her marriage.

21 She learned to be a massage therapist

Her mother suffered from breast cancer and she took a break from Hollywood just to help her mother. Mother is always special to children. She loves her mother and hence she learned massage therapist so that she could help her mother in her recovery,

She became international women right’s activist. Her main inspiration was her mother.

22 Kidman is a natural blonde!

She is a blonde but not redhead. She colored her hair red for her movies and fans always assume that she has red hair, But you guys are wrong she has blonde hair.