24 Changes That Take Place In A Human Body Every 10 Years


Changes that take place in our body every day. But we notice these changes very late. We feel younger than we are. We think that nothing is changing in our body. But these changes are going on, and we are not noticing them.

Here we will try to take care of your health. You should pay attention to the changes in your body before there would be any problem. We will tell you the changes that take place in our bodies every ten years.

From 20 to 30

24 Changes that take place in our body

In this period, people feel young and full of energy. They rarely think about aging. But at this age, small changes take place in a person’s body. If you do not consider them at the age of 20 or 25, then you may get surprised by the changes at 30. During this period:

  • There is a decrease in the production of collagen
  • The bones stop growing up.
  • The wisdom teeth appear.

The body of every person is unique. Wisdom teeth appear in some people at the age of 16, but in some people, these teeth never look. But most of the processes are the same for everybody, so we should pay attention to these facts.

From 30 to 40

Changes that take place in our body. Some people still look very young at the age of 30. It is a good thing. The changes in a person’s body only become faster, and these changes can become quite visible very soon if you do not do anything. During this period:

  • The muscle tone gets worsened
  • There is a significant decrease in the amount of muscle tissue as these tissues get substituted with fat.
  • There is a significant decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin.

From 40 to 50

According to some scientists, at the age of 38, the human body reached its peak development. The real aging starts after this age.  The changes that happen faster and faster in our body are:

  • There is a significant decrease in the number of nerve cells.
  • The fat starts accumulating in the body.
  • worsening of vision
  • There is an increase in the fragility of bones and joints
  • There is a loss of estrogen, and the problem of higher blood pressure starts in women. Here is how changes occur in women’s body after giving birth to the child.

From 50 to 60

The appearance of people gets changed a lot by the age of 60. It does not happen only because of their genes but also because of their lifestyle. The person’s lifestyle includes physical activity, diet habits, and more. The similar changes in most people take place during this period of their life. These changes are:

  • The cells of the brain and other cells get permanently damaged.
  • There is an increase in the risk of having gastric problems.
  • The memory gets worsened.

From 60 to 70

The physical changes take place in most people that are obvious at this age. The internal changes also take place which only a few people know. These changes can be:

  • The voice gets changed
  • The heart function gets decreased
  • There is very weak functioning of the nerve and taste receptors. These cells become harder for people to taste, smell, and feel the temperature of things.
  • The bones of a person become much thinner. In the result of which a person can even become a little shorter.

From 70 and above

People above the age of 70 are considered to be elderly. Some of these persons may look and feel younger even the aging process becomes faster. The changes that take place at this period are:

  • There is a decrease in muscle mass. Due to which people get tired very fast. They can not do the things and tasks which they can do earlier.
  • There is a significant decrease in the volume of fat in the human body.
  • There is a decrease in the speed of regeneration of body parts like the damaged skin takes a long time to get healed.
  • There is a slowdown in all the functions of the body like digestion, breathing, and more.
  • The short term memory gets worsened. People can easily remember things that take place a long time ago in their younger age, but now they are unable to remember what has happened a few hours ago.