3 Facts That Says We Should Cut Grapes In Half To Let Your Baby Eat It


How crucial to cut grapes in half-Tiny magnets, coins are some common choking hazards for kids. And even fruits and veggies are dangerous for little kids. The mother, Angela Henderson, and blogger has shared an X-ray of a boy’s throat in which grape is stuck. They shared this X-ray to draw parents’ attention towards these hidden hazards for kids.

3 Facts that say how crucial to cut grapes in half

In this article, we have cleared the reason why it is essential to cut down the grapes and other small size fruits like cherries and similar veggies in half.

This mom and blogger has made a timeless warning for all parents after sharing a boy’s X-ray

An Australian clinician, blogger, Angela Henderson, the mother of two kids has shared an X-ray of a five years old boy’s throat on her Facebook page with grapes stuck in his throat. This X-ray photo got viral with more than 26,000 shares on Facebook. She has shared this to warn the parents for their kids. In the X-ray, we can see around an object in his throat. She wrote in the caption that does we all know what this X-ray is off?

The round object that we can see is a grape that got lodged in the throat. The little boy of 5 years was operated to remove the vine under general anesthetic. The boy was fortunate that the part of his airway was open otherwise he could end up badly.

One of the Facebook users said that hot dogs and grapes are the worst food items for lodging in throats. The user said that I also recommend the parents to cut the soft and circular food items in half.

See why it is crucial to cut grapes in half

Cutting grapes to avoid chocking here are the 3 facts

We all are not aware of this potential hazard. In the fruits, grapes are one of the most hazards things for kids. The size and shape of the grape are ideal that gets stuck in the throat. Moreover, the smooth surface of the vine makes it difficult to shift once you put inside your throat. So, the stock grape can only get removed with surgery.

According to the New York State Department of Health, the fourth leading cause of unintentional death of kids under the age of 5 years is choking. In the US, every five days, at least one child dies because of choking. And also more than 12,000 children every year are taken to a hospital in the emergency room for food-choking injuries according to the reports of the New York State Department of Health.

Nonprofit organizations and doctors said the food manufacturers and the retailers to label such food items as hazardous for kids. The legal affairs director of CSPI from the USA, Bruce Silverglade noted that parents should chop the food items into small pieces for kids to save their lives.

Always remember to cut down other fruits and veggies as well

There are not only the grapes that only hazard food item for the kids. There are also other fruits and veggies like cherry tomatoes, round berries, blueberries, veggies same as the size of grapes, hot dogs, candy, popcorn, ice cubes, raw vegetables, and peanut butter are dangerous and choking items for the little kids.

You should cut all these items lengthwise, otherwise, the size of these items is so big for the kids’ throat to get stuck in it. If you think that the half-sized fruits are again big for your kids’ throat, then cut these fruits into quarters so that they do not stick in their throat. The slippery fruit can easily choke in kids’ throat. There are many tips for the parents to prevent choking in young children at their eating times.

  • You should cut their food items into less than half inches.
  • When your child is eating, always supervise him.
  • Also, make sure that your child is sitting while eating.
  • Your child should chew their food properly before swallowing.

I want to ask you people do you know or can you think about any other food item like grapes and veggies that can be choking item for your kids. You can even share your answers in the comment section given below.