5 Amazing hair treatments for thicker hair


When it comes to thick hair, now that’s something which every woman wants on this earth. Long hair, short hair – doesn’t matter, as long as it is voluminous and thick. But God hasn’t been this nice to us all as he hasn’t gifted all of us with thick, full hair. Add to this list the various reasons for hair thinning like climate, hormones, quality of water, stress and improper hair care routine. Now now, don’t be sad cause all these problems aren’t problems anymore,  as we have various ways to make our hair thicker and voluminous without spending much on it. In this piece, we are going to tell you about few fantastic treatments for your hair, which will make your hair thick and voluminous in no time! So here we go!

1. Say no to chemical products

Now that is something I know must be hard to think of, let alone do, but you’ve got to do it anyways! Chemical products may give quick and satisfying results, but that’s what they are – quick! Their effect doesn’t last long, and they damage the scalp and the roots of your hair very severely, which hurts in the long run. Try using hair products that are made organically, as they not only would provide results, but will also take care of your hair for a longer term.

2. Various home remedies

God may not have given you thick hair, but he surely has given things that can make your hair longer, stronger and more abundant. Now we all know about egg yoke which helps when applied on the scalp, but there are other things like potato juice,  rice water, onion juice etc. which will assist you in achieving thicker hair. For example, for onion or potato juice, cut a piece of the vegetable, peel it, squash it. Take this juice and apply it on your scalp, roots and hair. Leave it for 15 mins and then wash it off. Anyone of these veggies can help!

3. Hair care products with natural substances

OK,  so many of us might be uncomfortable with using the methods mentioned above due to various reasons (I know, egg mask smells like yuk!) But if you can’t put up with even this little of sacrifice, no worries! Go for hair products that have supplements which help in hair growth in it. Like for example, hair products with Aloe Vera gel, potato or onion extracts, coconut extracts, oil replenishes,  avocado, fenugreek, Indian gooseberry  (amla) etc. etc. These will help a lot in achieving our goal.

4. Say no to bleach or dye

Now that might sound impossible to do, but it’s true. These chemicals, as mentioned above, only provide short and quick results. But when their effect wears off, it does more damage than help. Chemical products like dyes and bleaches have been proven to leave hair greyer then it should be. Now that’s a tactic these companies use so that you keep buying and applying these products. Beware before its too late! Do not use such products. Start applying deep nourishing and conditioning treatment like olive oil or coconut oil. These not only make your hair longer, stronger and thicker but also keeps the greys away for a considerably longer time. They also keep your hair in the same top class condition till the time you grow old. (Hush, don’t tell grandma that I gave up her secret !)

5. The proper diet

Last but not the least,  a proper diet with all vitamins and minerals that are good for hair growth and thickness will yield satisfactory results. Vitamin A, B6, B12, D, biotin and folate are examples of such vitamins. Sun is a rich source of vitamin D. Eating food rich in vitamin A like papaya, carrot, spinach, broccoli, etc. will help. If a non-vegetarian,  fish and eggs are excellent sources of vitamins too.